A triumvirate in Commerce,International Business, and Management with
an M.Phil and Ph.D. A preceptor and administrator Par-Excellence with
a lot of publications to his credit.Authored books on Business
Communication and From Campus To Corporate through Macmillan developed
cases  through Elisiver Publications, UK. An accomplished and prolific
organizer who has initiated a lot of newfangled forums, which are the
first of their kind for comprehensive development of the students.
Globetrotter who has been to various nations in pursuit of his
academic interests and participated in various international
conferences to share and enrich his thirst for knowledge.He recently
got nominated from India for the International Visitors Leadership
Programme in the USA.
He researches,  writes and Speaks on Marketing Management,Brand
Management , Education Management,Event Management,Sports Marketing,
Retail Management, Service Management,Strategic Marketing, Internet

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