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In a world of Brand, all of us knowingly, unknowingly use innumerable brands. There are lot of brand studies that take place all across the globe. I have 3 questions :



1. What is a brand to you ?

2. Which is your favorite brand and why ?

3. How many brands you think you use a day (Just the numbers is enough) ?


Share your thoughts with clearly mentioning your name.

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45 Responses to BRAND THOUGHT

  1. R. Bhavishya Lakshmi says:

    1. Brand is an identifiable mark
    2. Fastrack – its trendy, comes in vibrant colours and comfortable
    3. 56

  2. Kaushik K says:

    1. A name which gives a unique image for the products to differentiate from other competitors.
    2.TOMMY -feels like made for me.

  3. Riyas KE says:

    1. Brand is the “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product distinct from those of other sellers.
    2. Samsung. because the product features are out of expectations.
    3. 63 Brands.

  4. Vijay Babu says:

    1.Brand shows the Quality of the product
    2.Omega- unique design

  5. Deepika priyadharsine Muralitharran says:

    1. Brand is A LABEL for a product !
    Success and Failure results not with the product, but with the BRAND.

    2. My fav brand is Citibank because the services are great.

    3. I think its around 60 odd.

  6. Arun muthukumar.M says:

    1.Brand is used to find the product.
    2.My favorite brand is apple because im comfortable with it.
    3.i use 50 brands daily.

  7. N.PARASURAM. says:

    1. BRAND is used to identify a company.
    2. My favourite brand is BLACKBERRY, because I feel it’s very user friendly and the push mails are really quick.
    3. I use about 65 brands daily.

  8. Bala preethi says:

    1. Brand is A IMAGE for a product
    2. My favorite brand – “APPLE” – for its features n services
    3.Around 60 brands

  9. 1.Brand is identity for the product

    2.Nokia–the quality and depend on their own..
    apps in android mobile can be used in nokia too


  10. 1.Brand is something that gives an identity to a product that makes it unique.

    2.My favorite brand is Gucci perfumes and Gucci leather wallets because there are variety of fragrances to choose, and unique designs of wallets.

    3. I use around 76 brands a day.

  11. levin thomas says:

    1.brand to me is a way of expressing my lifestyle favourite brand is puma,as i can relate myself to it.

  12. fredrin jos kuttikaden says:

    1.Brand is that give an identity to me.
    2.My favourite brand is woodland because it is long lasting and worth the money

  13. deepak manakkal says:

    1) Brand to me is an assurance of trust,quality and style.
    2) My favourite brand is royal enfield because it feel like a royalty.
    3) 45

  14. freddyfrancis says:

    1) Brand means brand is a preception and brand make feel comfort in all product……

    2) my favourit brand is Tissot…because it makes me more comfort and makes me more satisfaction


  15. Fayis ahmed says:

    1.Brand is the personality that identifies a product, service or company (name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or combination of them) favourite brand is Mercedes Benz.because benz is better known for their luxurious look and i feel royalty.

  16. Gayathri sundaram says:

    1. Brand is just a name or a label that identifies a product.

    2. My favorite brand is Gloria jean’s coffees coz i think it has got the best coffees worldwide and eventually it gives me ultimate satisfaction all time which i haven’t got from any other coffee brands!

    3. I use around 70 brands a day.

  17. Edwin eldho says:

    1. Brand according to me is just the customer’s perception.

    2. Woodland because it is strong, unique and stylish.

    3. 64

  18. Ramya kumar says:

    1. brand adds value in terms of status,money,attitude and uniqueness fav brand is Apple becoz it makes everyone guess wat they are coming up with.


  19. K.Lavanya says:

    1. Brand according to me is using a product that am comfortable with and which has a good quality.

    2. Apple – its easy to use and has an unique image also makes many of ma work simple.

    3. i use around 150 brands per day.

  20. Ramy Kumar says:

    1. brand adds value in terms of status,money,attitude.

    2. Apple is my fav brand. They make ppl to guess and wait a worthy time, and ideas they come-up with.

    3. 100+

  21. Lavanya Kumar says:

    1. Brand according to me is quality and name which makes it stands out.

    2.Apple – because its easy to use and makes alot of ma work simple.

    3.Around 150 products a day.

  22. ravi bothra says:

    1. Brand is nothing but a customer’s perception about the product ..

    2. my favourite brand is HTC because it is very user-friendly ….

    3. 65

  23. Sowmiya .g says:

    1. Brand is a unique identity for a product

    2. Levi’s is my favorite because it makes me feel more comfortable than any other brands

    3. 80 and above

  24. Sanjana. S says:

    1. Brand is trust and quality
    2. Apple is my favorite brand coz it is worth the cost.
    3. 75

  25. Kavya. R says:

    1. Brand is trust and loyalty

    2. Puma is my favorite brand because it has got the good quality..

    3. 100 brands around

  26. A. chandini says:

    1. Brand is an identity that makes a product unique from others.

    2. Fastrack – beacause its trendy

    3. Around 80

  27. midhunvenkatesh says:

    1)Brand is something that give images to me
    2)my favourite brand is puma. It because of colour ful and stylish

  28. Monika bohra says:

    1.Brand according to me is quality
    2.fastrack because I like use it

  29. Gowtham says:

    1.Brand according to me is qualitative aspect and shows the standard of the company. 2.Apple is my fav brand because it’s makes my work simple and quick. 3.56

  30. Lakshmi devi Vijayakumar says:

    1. Brand according to me is a style statement
    2. My favourite brand is Lakme because their products are innovative and give the best trendy look
    3. I use around 60 brands daily

  31. sheethal says:

    1.Brand to me is customer’s perception and to identify the product . favourite brand is CALVIN KEVIN because its stylish.

  32. Sharon Nicholas says:

    1.Brand according to me is an Image.

    2.My favourite brand is Victoria’s secret.They sell the most amazing fragrances.

    3.More than 100 products per day.

  33. Nalini says:

    1.Brand is identity that differentiate its product from the competitor.
    2. Puma! I prefer this brand because of its design n comfort.
    3. 50.

  34. A.Mohamed Sujin says:

    1.Brand is goodwill name earned by a company which has to attracts people.

    2. My favourite brand is ‘NIKE’ because it has a sportive logo and I feel comfortable when I wear it.

    3. 80+ brands

  35. Sindhu. D says:

    1. Brand is an image that create status.

    2. David Jones – because of the quality.

    3. 72

  36. Mathangi says:

    1.brand according to me is quality

    2.puma because of the logo.


  37. shwetha s c says:

    1. Brand is a perception of quality.

    2. fasttrack- because of its unique designs

    3. 100+

  38. Safa Noorudheen says:

    1.Brand according to me is Style.

    2.My favourite brand is ZARA.Because of its elegance and style.

    3.More than 150 products.

  39. Rajakrishnan says:

    1.Brand is just to identify a product .
    2. Apple because it has got clarity and perfection.
    3. I use almost 30 brands a day .

  40. Rince.p.p says:

    1. Brand is what represents the companies standard.

    2. Apple for being user friendly and design.

    3. 50+

  41. sarojini says:

    1. Brand is the quality and the reputation of the product among the customers.
    2. my favourite brand is fast track because itsbsuits my style
    3. I use around 80+

  42. vinothini says:

    1. brand is a gut feel, unique and a feeling of richness.
    2. Bosch& lomb- because if the collection, affordable price and quality
    3. 90+

  43. Monika says:

    1.Brand according to me its quality nd it is an identity of a product
    2.fastrack because i use it nd it is good according to me

  44. selva ganesh says:

    1.Brand to me is an image for a product and its unique.
    2.My favourite brand is royal enfield because its comfortable , royal look and stylish .

  45. selva ganesh says:

    1.Brand according to me is an identity that makes the product different from others
    2.My favourite brand is royal enfield because its comfortable and stylish.

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