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The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. Traveling is one of the world’s greatest teachers. Jaunting educates me and I have some precious learning which I share it all the time.

I was recently traveling to Switzerland through the Emirates airlines. One of the top brands in the aviation sector, I have traveled through emirates before, but this one happened to be very special for two reasons.

1. Learnt how internal branding works.
2. I was traveling through A380 airbus for the first time and so the experience.

When I travel, the ones who keep me occupied are the in flight magazines, the movies, touch pod or my kindle and not to forget that I write a lot for my blogs and of course some interesting co-passengers. But the one eludes me when I travel is my sleep. When the brand emirates took off from Dubai after the pilot denoting us to look at the palm island and the air-hostess served us the eateries, I guess in an hour most of the passengers were fast asleep. After a while I found the air- hostess busy discussing among themselves with the in flight magazine of the emirates airlines. I being tall always prefer the first seat. The air hostess-chatting/ meeting/ discussion were happening right in front of me.

I was completely taken aback by the conversation, because most of the air hostess were shopping, yes, shopping the brands displayed in the in-flight magazine. They were almost on a rampage buying everything. Being a researcher on branding/marketing, I know women love shopping. This was crazy they are buying at work.

I got curious and fancying my curiosity one of the air hostess Ms. Nadia walked up to me and asked me, “May I help you”. I smiled and told her, women love shopping but I never knew they love buying at brands even on skies”. She smiled back and said some of the brands Emirates airlines offers are great and showed me the ones she had purchased. Hey, man, I am coming across some one who is spending the money from where they have earned. The salary she earns from Emirates airlines she spends on Emirates airlines. I decided to quiz her more.

Qus : Why an Air-hostess?
Ans : I love the Job.

Qus :What do you like in your Job?
Ans : Visiting places, Meeting people, I also like weather.

Qus : How many countries have you been to? Which is your favorite among the ones you had been?
Ans : So far ten countries. Auckland is Awesome.

Qus : Your working hours and how many flights do you need to fly in a week?
Ans : 24 hours (it depends on the flying destination); Four flights a week.

Qus : If you have a choice to work with some other airlines, which will you prefer?
Ans : Emirates again.

Qus : Have you ever flown in any other flight?
Ans : Of course YES. Korean Air, Ettihad Airlines and Singapore, Ettihad is good. But Emirates is the BEST!!

Qus : How often do you buy these Products on the skies!!
Ans : All the time. Emirates have got amazing offers. They deal with best brands.

Qus : How long do you think you can be an Airhostess!
Ans : I am looking at it for the next 10 years and after that emirate has got other divisions, will be working in one them.

Qus : What alternative carriers do you think you can do well apart from being an Air hostess?
Ans : Communication specialist, Public Relation, Modeling, Writer, Trainer.

Qus :What are your hobbies?
Ans : Photography, Modeling, Blogging, Music, Sports, Films and of course traveling.

Qus : Why are you so passionate about your employer brand Emirates?
Ans : Emirates is a class apart. They take care of their employees so very well. There is “No Bills” they provide us with everything. It is a very safe place to be. If you come to Dubai, Please visit Millennium towers which is the face of the Emirates. I am proud to be part of the Emirates group. It provides me Honor, Comfort, Future, Wealth, Happiness, Dignity and Life. It is a world class organization and I love working for it. They always keep their customers and employees very happy. If I could say so they delight their employees as much as they delight their customers. They believe if we are happy we will make the customers happy.

Nadia is not just an employee of the Emirates brand, but is an evangelist. She explained to me about the 26 employees on board with us in the sky from captain, First Officer, Purzor, Senior Flight server and in that they have three divisions and also a cabin service attendant.

I was made to explore the grandiloquent, luxury, lavishness of Boeing A380 . The 555 seat, double deck Airbus A380 is the most ambitious civil aircraft; the A380 will be the world’s largest airliner. The Emirates A380 promises customers in all classes the most epicurean travel experience available. Emirates have built up a strong brand as a leader in the aviation industry, particularly in terms of service excellence, and its very rapid growth, coupled with consistent profitability. In 2010, Emirates was voted the eighth best airline in the world by research consultancy firm Skytrax. In February 2011, Air Transport World gave Emirates Airlines the title of Airline of the Year for 2011. The award has been given based on recognition of strong commitment to safety and operational excellence, customer service trendsetters, superb financial condition including 22-year consecutive annual profit.

I decided to capture the best moment of A380 in my little camera and promptly Nadia suggested me the best deals and I agreed to grab those on my return flight.

Emirates brand was made to look lot smarter, which reminded me of the words of Tom Collins in his book “Good to Great”, he emphasized, “Before you decide where you are going, you have to make sure you have the right people on board.

The people who work for an organization define how a brand is delivered and it is the individuals outside the organization who talk about, purchase and consume brands. Brands before reaching the customers need to serve their employees and make them Loyal Employees.

Emirates Airlines looks ceremonious and elegant to me not just because of my experience but also because of Ms Nadia’s evangelism. It is time brands invest not alone on customer loyalty programme but also on employee retention and employee Happiness programmes.

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    Finally, an issue that I am passionate about. I have looked for information of this caliber for the last several hours. Your site is greatly appreciated.

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    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  3. Swarnalatha Kanagala says:

    I totally love it!!! Next time I fly ll be ready with the the ques too 😉 wasn’t it a great one??? Love A380!!!

  4. Komal says:

    Good one sir… 🙂 we all sure did have gud fun and experience being on tat aircraft..

  5. karthick says:

    Interesting Read…. Nice post.

  6. sabareesh says:

    Thank u sir for sharing your experience on the brand EMIRATES.

  7. sabareesh says:

    good one and thank u for sharing your experience.

  8. Harshad .B Nambiar says:

    Wow…I really liked this post….makes me wish I could fly Emirates-style… 🙂

  9. Sanjay says:

    Superb Article ! Wish i could also work in emirates group in future… 🙂

  10. Radhika says:

    i wanna be there and i’ll try for sure !!!

  11. Aravinth says:

    Nice Post! Just a small correction ..

    “luxury, lavishness of Boeing A380 . ” Airbus right ?

  12. Duno Susan Jacob says:

    Totally worth reading. It is so true ‘If the employees are happy, they will make the customers happy’.
    Emirates and Etihad are one of my favourites. 🙂

  13. Dev says:

    Good read. Very precisely narrated your experiences and captured nadias passion. Emirates is my favourite choice sir. Keep going.

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