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In this world the most artistically beautiful city happens to be Florence. Imagine being in Florence and that too in the most important square of Florence, where there is an interesting brief that is provided by the anchor and guide.

When most of our necks pleaded for a 360 degree rotation and right in front of us majestically stood Michelangelo’s David for centuries and I thought art is the Quintessential attraction. I clicked a few pictures of David and I was all set to walk in The Galleria degli Uffizi and I turned around only to see my group was missing and I thought they should be busy photographing themselves with the statues or the art, but I saw them taking pictures with a car parked right on the street leading to UFFIZI.

Any guesses on the car that was getting all its attention. If you have got the answer right, I bet you are a car freak. Yes. It was the beautiful, fast elite,Italian racing car – FERRARI. I read somewhere, “Put a Ferrari in the dark,” says Marco Mattiacci, president and CEO of Ferrari North America, “and just by touching the car, you will recognize it as a Ferrari.” Ferrari is a myth and a legend. It is a brand known across the globe but Ferrari has never spent a pie on advertisement.

It’s the type of brand that most individuals aspire to dream about. If your brand needs to be like Ferrari the simple methodology is Just Be the Best at what you do. In this cluttered world, Ferrari just makes results speak, it relies on word of mouth, special events and now online. Few people know that Ferrari is own by Fiat group. Fiat is not a brand known for making sports cars yet Ferrari brand lives on. Its most inexpensive car costs $200,000, and fewer than 7,000 are built and sold worldwide annually. Each is custom-made for a buyer, who could spend around $40,000 on extras like engine upgrades.

This not only leads to loyal devotees but also keeps the cars from being easily flipped. Why is the Brand Ferrari so famous? What do you like in Brand Ferrari? Share your thoughts. It’s time for me to watch at Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th 100. `

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3 Responses to BRAND FAME

  1. Ah! Florence! Your admiration is well-placed, Ram, the Apple Stores have Florentian floors …….

    “In newer stores, the dark gray floors have been Italian (Pietra Serena) siltstone imported from the Sienna district of the country asn 30″x30” tiles. According to Ron Johnson, “It’s the same stuff Florence was built on.”

  2. jeno says:

    freaking that hear ferrari doesnt have spend on advertistments

  3. Komal Davey says:

    Its not just with the speed and brand but also color ‘RED’. When i hear the color RED in terms of car the first thing that will pop up is FERRARI…!!!!!!!! But it really freaked me out hearing this car never spent a penny on advertisment…!!!!!! Without out advertisement this car has stood out in terms of Color, Logo and a Brand by itself…….Amazing!!!!!
    My Dream Car…

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