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Branding NEXT

The world around is whirling. Consumers are changing; their sensibilities       are evolving.Brands of the future will recognize this change, re-orient their business strategy and get ready to think, create and deliver experiences. Tomorrow’s brands will need to deliver more, just to stay where they are. The emphasis will not just be on experience but how a brand will deliver them.

Simplicity, style and surprise will become key to this delivery.  Simplicity is Nike,  Style like the Mac and Ipod. And surprise as delivered by Google. Brands that will deliver simplicity, style and a little surprise will win..

It is not just going to be about your last interaction with the brand or a brand’s lineage, but a brand’s ability to deliver real, enriching experiences. And brands will be celebrated or dumped on the basis of their ability to deliver. Experience and delivery will increasingly be the lever to sustainable differentiation.

The organizations will need to build the brand first inside the organistion-with its people starting from the receptionist to the security guard to the Managing Director, its vendors and partners. The brand, its DNA, values and core will need to be shared in a secular fashion with all within the company to build a unified brand culture. Here, the human resources management, not marketing. Will be the key enabler. Technology will help innovate around the brand core. Here, information technology, not the product team, will be the enabler. You can keep on citing every non-marketing department at an organization and drive home the point more and more.  Each part of the organization, from finance to network, information technology to supply chain, human resource management to marketing  should be threaded together with the brand and Should be  made accountable to deliver it.

Brands of the future will need to deliver. Not just functional or emotional benefits, but simplicity, style and a little surprise. They will also draw their equity from the people who deliver the brand. And organizations that will make their people own the brand will win. What is your take on Branding in Future !!!??

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  2. Sanjay vk says:

    True…if the people in the organizations are good, naturally their brand will also deliver the best…and i believe that’s called as ‘Employer Branding’ in HR practices…

  3. veterinary says:

    nice post. thanks.

  4. Ajinkya says:

    Brands will need to work stronger on their point of parity and ensure their unique proposition gives them a competitive advantage. They need to promise what they can deliver rather than over promise or under promise.

    As far as brand focusing on simplicity, style and surprise is concerned, its an interesting after thought, however, its a very subjective. It depends on what the benefits are and what it really stands for.

  5. Original idea. I wonder how much time he spent on it

  6. спорт says:

    Thanks for an article

  7. Harshad .B nambiar says:

    Branding in future will blend with “Making a difference ” strategy… that has already come out “walk and talk” of idea mobile ….and rs.1 contribution to child’s education by Classmate expression… something like service branding….

  8. Ejaz says:

    Brands are not sure where their competitors emerge from !! 9 out of 10 brands fail, Today the market is flunked with sick designers and idiotic advertisers. Designers do a sick job and advertisers do a terrible job. First every one in branding needs to know what communication is all about.

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