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Burn – Coca Cola

originalCoke the worlds number one brand is always in for surprises, and expansion, the latest one is to extend its further extended portfolio in the energy drink segment. Brand coke launched in India its latest energy drink priced at Rs.75 for a 250 ml can, with a interesting brand Name “Burn” – can you take the heat? Burn is the most successful energy drink brand among coco cola’s global portfolio. This brand has a strong presence in Russia, Ukraine, France, Italy, Australia, US, UK and South Africa. Burn is targeting the trend setting, path finders, socially active, adventurous young adults who require energy to experience life to the fullest.At present, Coca-Cola India’s portfolio includes Thums Up, Sprite, Limca, Fanta, Coca-Cola, Kinley, Georgia Tea & Coffee, Maaza and Minute Maid.Interestingly Coca-Cola had brought the carbonated energy drink beverage Shock to India in 2001, but withdrew it two years later. Energy drinks remains a nascent category in India, with brands like Red Bull, Power Horse and Sobe being the better-known brand names. Coca-Cola had brought the carbonated energy drink beverage Shock to India in 2001, with the tagline `unleash your wicked side’, but withdrew it two years later, following lukewarm response from consumers. Let us wait and watch if Burn is like a wild fire in an energy drink segment or will shock coke!

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  1. Only yesterday of it thought, so the post as is impossible in a theme!

  2. PRASHANTH says:

    Yes right said Red bull Power horse are better known brands for energy drink but even they charge you the same price of Rs. 75 which is of same as Burn. But the point is how many people prefer drinking an energy drink than a Aerated drink. I don’t think people buy much of energy drink might be if it comes from the roof of coke might be?? Lets see how far is it gonna reach?

  3. rospromtest says:

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