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Connecting People

The brand I am blogging about is a brand with which I have a very long association.  I would say almost close to more than a decade.  This brand has been part of my life 24 x 7 and 365 days for ten years.  The country which the brand belongs to was hardly known before, but the emergence of brand made Finland underline its presence in the world map. I guess  you would have by now recognized the brand, if not it is  NOKIA – the world’s dominant mobile phone maker. In India the first car any family bought till recently happens to be Maruthi and the first mobile happens to be NOKIA.

The brand NOKIA had been part of me and had contributed to my growth, performance and relationship of my life.  Nokia they say connecting people, connected me to whoever I wanted to or whoever wanted to get connected to me. There was a brief period I moved out of the brand only to come  back stronger and faster to NOKIA.  From the first brick I bought from NOKIA (5110) to the N8 I use currently,  I have sailed with Nokia from the brick  to the colorful,sleeker, elegant, camera, to the business and smart phones.

NOKIA happens to be a great friend (user friendly).  After I bought an E7, I got stagnated with the brand , (since I didn’t find any other better model from Nokia). I believe they have missed the smart phone opportunity. Worlds fast moving industry today is mobile technology. Take a sip of water and you’re behind in the pack. Blink your eye and watch the pack move in a different direction. Nokia sipped, blinked, then set on creating a new strategy in this redefined landscape. Touch phone was first invented by NOKIA (7710) but they didn’t capitalize the advantage.  This shows on their market share. Nokia recognized as the fifth most valued brand in the world seems to be a brand losing its charm, after being an ardent fan and  being a loyal customer of Nokia for almost a decade resisting Samsung, Blackberry and Iphone, i feel Nokia is on a sticky wicket.

The latest phone I bought four months back was Nokia N8 and there was so much of buzz about Ovi Services : Ovi Store, Ovi Music, Ovi Maps. Nokia now is rebranding from Ovi Services to Nokia Services. Each of the services under the Ovi umbrella will  be re branded as Nokia.   This they say is, Nokia’s first step to transformation.

Nokia’s EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Jerri DeVard explains the shift:
“We have made the decision to change our service branding from Ovi to Nokia. By centralizing our services identity under one brand, not two, we will reinforce the powerful master brand of Nokia and unify our brand architecture – while continuing to deliver compelling   opportunities and experiences for partners and consumers alike. The reasons for this decision includes the fact that Nokia is a well-known and highly-loved brand the world over. Our mobile experiences are tightly integrated with our devices – there is no longer a differentiation. For example, if consumers want the best mobile navigation experience, they know it’s a Nokia that they can rely on. These last few years, and moving forward, our mission remains unchanged: we will continue our work to deliver compelling, unified mobile service offerings and next-generation, disruptive technologies.”

Mobile phones had become part of every human being and now everything goes mobile.  If there is one brand that has a legitimate right to the word smart phones is NOKIA. If there is one brand in the world which is fighting to a life and death battle to be understood as a leading smart phone is also Nokia. Brands are one part logic and many parts magic, Nokia is losing its magic since they are disconnecting from their customers.

Share your views on Nokia experience and if you are using some other brand  tell us why you are not using Nokia.

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  1. anand says:

    sir, Nokia is also known for its user friendliness which other brands doesn’t provide.. People those who have used nokia when they switch their brand they find it difficult in using the new brand which allows NOKIA to pull back its customers.. But now this condition is changing where other brands try in crushing NOKIA by adopting low pricing strategies. Waitin to see what magic ll NOKIA try in pulling back its customers..
    Easy to use.
    Stepping into 7th year in communicating through nokia..

  2. Kalaiarasi-10MBA21 says:

    Even Nokia comes with a wide range of products. It has some of the limitations which other mobile services provide us. Nokia is incapable of using multiple applications at a time, which is a drawback. If we are accessing net through Nokia mobile, we cant message or access other applications.
    Nokia may gain more popularity if it adds on these features & become more customer-friendly.

  3. Kalaiarasi-10MBA21 says:

    Even Nokia comes with a wide range of products. It has some of the limitations which other mobile services provide us. Nokia is incapable of using multiple applications at a time, which is a drawback.

    If we are accessing net through Nokia mobile, we cant message or access other applications.
    Nokia may gain more popularity if it adds on these features & become more customer-friendly.

  4. Saranya-10MBA40 says:

    Nokia is very popular for its long life, which is changing now. The various added applications of android OS and better photo clarity which is available in other mobiles like Sony Ericsson at a similar price of Nokia can be developed. Still Nokia has the opportunity of banging back to hold its loyal customers.

  5. ANURAJ MENON says:

    i am using “NOKIA” brand for past four years. i find it comfortable in using it and it has become difficult for me to switch over to use the other brand mobiles as the operation in other phones are different from “NOKIA”. i have kind of generated brand “loyalty”.
    the NOKIA is loosing its customers may be because they are not stepping out of the existing version “SYMBIAN” operating system. But from the customers end people prefer and consider the quality mobile as NOKIA.

  6. Alex Joseph says:

    NOKIA is the brand which is getting sold more in number for past few years… but now this market is changing and is taken over by Samsung because they are bringing in new operating system like android and create applications like i-phone. now nokia is bringing in new software “MEEGO” (harmattn) to beat and grab the market back.
    it will create new customers and re-gain the old customers and providing there customers with new use stage of mobile usage.

  7. sooraj r says:

    i am using nokia for past 6 years. its easy to use and i don’t prefer switching over to any other mobile brand. i consider this to be the best quality and service provider with comparison to other mobile brands.

  8. james makkil says:

    i am using n82 for past three years and i am very much satisfied with its quality and functioning. the main problem what i find in nokia is that the new models which come to market new they are first quality and latter the same new product seems to be found at second quality.

  9. VIVEK 10MBA-057 says:

    People often joke with me about my choice in brands. I learned at a very early age that “if it works for you and if ur comfy with it, then stick with it.
    and that`s what i`m doing. had many nokia high end mobiles which costed around 25 to 30k and after the launch of the iphone i had to pay a little more price for the one thing i wanted.”SATISFACTION and the wow factor.” iphone worked for me and im really comfortable with it and ill stick with iphones in the future too.

  10. D KRISHNA VIKAS 10mba23 says:

    I think whats so easy about Nokia Mobile Phones is the transition to newer devices. You’ve learned the menus and the functions. You know what every option offers. In all of the series 30 and series 40 phones the menu item locations have been the same and if not, you do know where to find them. It’s easy to maneuver around. No hidden things to look for. Not to mention that Nokia has made it very easy for users that obtain many phones. I’ve had my car charger (LCH-9) since that 5190 and have used it with every Nokia that I’ve owned and used. With the newer Nseries and Eseries Nokia has been kind enough to include the CA-44 adapter, saving us money from having to go out and buy a new accessory.

  11. Nirmal James says:

    am a nokia customer for the past 7 years. as everybody says nokia is a user friendly device. in the earlier days people are not much aware about the technologies, and they preferred user friendly device. but the preference of the people ve changed a bit. and it is time for nokia to satisfy the expectations of its cuistomers to regain the position in the market.

  12. Sir , I am a customer of NOKIA phone for the past 4 years. I am very much satisfied with the brand , in my home all are using Nokia only. the only drawback in Nokia phones is the low battery pack up. i am now using Nokia 360s0 slide. it makes me user friendly and make to connect my friends in touch

  13. Sir, I am also one of the customer of NOKIA mobile (5233), am used many mobiles from various brand for preceding 3 years.I mostly inspired with the brand NOKIA , which contain lot of features than others, especially GPS connection and OVI, It have more useful software as user friendly like dictionary , message pop-up, fring,my Nokia and so on. and regarding to games it contains lot of mobile sensor games and too many Application under NOKIA. It connects the people via SMS,MMS,and internet. So im always keeping in touch in NOKIA.

  14. R.Varun says:

    My first mobile phone was Nokia 2626…. I loved using it, majorly because it was user friendly. After few years when my dad promised to buy me a new mobile, unintentionally I was opting for samsung. This is because, by the time my dad promised me for a phone, many of my friends, cousins and people around me were using samsung’s touch models.

    I guess when it comes to purchase of mobile phones, people give more importance to ‘word in the streets’ (mouthing) and this mouthing is the one which decides success of the product.

    Nokia’s inability to produce quality touch screen phones at the time where touch screens were becoming popular in the market was capitalized by samsung and I think that has spoiled nokia’s party

  15. Ramya Ganesh (10mib100) says:

    Nokia has proved its user friendliness. While considering the Indian population and the literacy rate, which do influence the knowledge of using a mobile phone, they finds it more comfortable in using nokia. Nokia promises better services. Nokia care is another mean which make people opt nokia. Nowadays people use more than one mobile phone and its sure that of those one will be a nokia handset. the resale value of nokia also make people opt or select nokia.

  16. vivek philip 10mib118 says:

    sir,am using nokia n95 ,am very much satisfied with the facilties in it..without any hestiation i can say that it’s very user friendly according to the needs of the customers i think.
    bt so many are complaning about nokia.i think the reason is.
    although it’s famous brand,i think the problem which nokia facing is the lacking f brand image now is.Nokia isn’t a distinctive brand. It is a brand with positive associations and high awareness, but it isn’t unique.This the problem which nokia is facing problems from the rivals.
    now people is switching from nokia to others is because their technological upgradation and facilities provided is lacking comparing to its rival.they are imitating the same as what their rivals did.
    i think nokia should understand that people earlier times accepted nokia becz of its variety style N user friendliness.they should remeber this .am sure dat nokia wil reborn like phenoix bird from ashes.
    AL the best nokia conect with people gain more……

  17. K.RAJA (10MBA36) says:

    nokia is the only mobile which provides tamil and other regional languages to their consumers…so its very easy to handle even our village peoples also has able to understand the technologies provided in mobile this way nokia has stand alone as a market leader in our country

  18. Sanjay vk says:

    NOKIA has become a synonym for mobile phone in India !

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