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Create Acts and not Ads

If someone would ask me, what is the one boring thing for you in life, without thinking for a second I always respond, “SHAVING “. Like me, most men hate to shave on their own. But, interestingly I am a clean shaved guy. I have seen innumerable promotions and commercials  for blades to razors to foams to after shave. Most of the commercials for razors are humdrum and draggy.


1.Men find shaving an irksome task.

2.Women, like to shave their men.


How to make men shave regularly (in weekends too)?

Based on the Brief, Josy Paul Chairman of BBDO created an Act and not an advertisement. Josy Paul is always known for very unparalleled and audacious creative, this creative not just stunned people but also won a lot of awards in spite of the hurdles the campaign witnessed.

Gillette Shave Sutra – World’s Largest Shaving lesson saw 150 men getting the ‘perfect shave’, facilitating them to look and feel their best. These men along with their mates, all supporters of the Gillette Mach3 Turbo Sensitive, Shave India Movement 3, garnered in an endeavor to create a record for the world’s Largest Shaving Lesson – Gillette Shave Sutra in the Guinness Book of World Records, Limca Book of records and India Book of Records. The Gillette Shave Sutra plan involved many rudiments and media touch points such as social media, digital activities, TV news, press news, celebrity endorsement and special packaging and instructional videos.

‘Shave Sutra’ is a communication idea undertaken to communicate the pleasure of shaving with the new Mach 3 Sensitive razor. It’s a consumer engagement programme that began during the Shave India Movement 3. The concept was based on the insight that 72 per cent of women found the act of shaving their man sexy (Nielsen Study). The idea was to get women to shave their men in fun positions. “So we created Shave Sutra – shaving positions inspired by the ancient texts of the Kama sutra,” explained Josy Paul, Chairman and CCO, BBDO India in the recent CEO Conclave, HORIZON at the Hyatt Regency, Mumbai. Here is his award winning Campaign, Share your thoughts about this stunning campaign. He also shared his experience behind  Gillette WALS – Women Against Lazy Stubble.

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  1. sundeep.p says:

    lets go back some 15 years back,shaving a process done with a blade which looks like a JCB coming to dig your face with its hand.But this brillient company changed concept of shaving,as we all thought as its a unproductive work but they found bussiness in that.the innovations they made changed the whole industry,now they are back with new promotional activity.All men will shave but how many are interested to do at home ,may be because of laziness.Then this is to focus mainly on those category,who is lazy to shave but like to get shaved by someone and here ladies are also very interested to shave. Then all the factors here combined and made this a successful ad

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