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Global Visual Culture

When I think of coca cola apart form the red color the type face stands out. That one type face is the very asset of coca cola. I am always baffled by the type sets or fonts.

NIKE, BMW, APPLE, KING FISHER, TATA are some of the type face which boldly stands out in this cluttered World of Brands. Everyone remembers the alphabets taught in our kinder garden English classes, but in the world of branding/advertising it is all about the typo used to present the brand. These typos make or break a brand. Most of the interesting typos are altered. But out of curiosity i just decided to explore the typos that grabbed my attention on a normal day. The most used typefaces I faced on a Wednesday. To my complete disarray, there was not too many, Television, Internet, Newspapers, Labels instructing about washing, remote control, stock market table, toilets, telephone, mobile,…  every where it way predominately just one font. My recent visit to Swiss made me to realize Swiss is not just famous for chocolate or watches or snow but also famous for a typography which they call it as global visual culture. This typeset recently celebrated its 50th (2007) Birthday.

Any guesses which font –  American Airlines, Staples,Lufthansa, Microsoft and lot more brands use this typo…….. it is Helvetica.Today helvetica guides your life, it tells you what to do and what not to do.

Anyone can figure at why the typeset “Helvetica” is so famous (or) should I say commonly used?! Share your opinion!!!!!

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