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Hillary Clinton


In a world full of conversations or should i say clutter, how does it feel to run an election campaign. Todays political marketing game is all about visible positive communication and influence the mind of the people. Today almost every possible and unthinkable strategies are practiced in every election. Look at every single country which has gone through elections recently.

One must agree Barack Obama and team pionered the digital media communication with the voters 8 years ago. USA is in the brink of an election season. This time Hillary Clinton has just launched her campaign .

This Sunday The official logo was launched “I’m running for president. Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.-H.It’s a sans-serif blue “H” overlaid with a red arrow pointing to the right. On the surface, the logo’s simple and bold. It’s a red, white, and blue representation of the letter H, with the crossbar transforming into an arrow. The colours suggest American ideals, and the arrow implies progress.

What experts say :

“It’s an effective piece of graphic design, because it encompasses the idea of her name and the idea of movement,” Glaser (Creator of I LOVE NY Logo) said. “That’s the stated objective of the logo, and it embraces what the campaign wants to say.”

“People like curves, and this has no curves,” says behavioral scientist Susan Weinschenk “It’s a stark, corporate, hard-edged logo.” Nike, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola tend to be pretty curvy. Most political campaigns’ logos do the same: think of the Obama design, for example, from 2008.

“The palette alludes to flag colors without relying on the expected stars and stripes imagery. Clever and strong,” said Landor Associates creative director Richard Westendorf, calling it “extremely progressive and modern.”

But online has made enormous noise about this logo.”Certainly, you couldn’t go far on Twitter (even before Clinton tweeted her announcement), without an opinion or thought on her new campaign (there were over 3 million views of her announcement tweets in one hour, and 750,000 Facebook video views so far by Sunday evening) “reports fox news.

This is the second logo after the GAP logo which has attracted lot of conversations which is positive and Negative. Some how this logo is compared with few other logos too. 2016 will give you a clear insight of the outcome of this identity. What is your opinion about this logo ??!!

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