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Information ERA !!

Modern technology has overturned the way we carry out day-to-day business, and it has radically enhanced the way we view content, information and entertainment in our personal lives. Our concerns about what technology is doing to our heads have begun to reach a critical mass: Every day, it seems, new afflictions e-mail apnea, Internet addiction disorder, nomophobia (the fear of being  out of mobile phone contact) are reported, and books on silence, on attention and on digital overload have started to proliferate. According to a survey, 28 percent of every working day is lost due to information glut. Yet deeper than that is the feeling that all the information in the world cannot teach us how make sense of information. We have more and more ways to communicate, it can seem, and less and less to say.

No one would deny that technology has infinitely expanded our possibilities. But increasing number of people are wondering why all these tools of connection are leaving us so frazzled, disconnected and alone. It’s only by stepping away form our machines, after all, that we can begin to see how best to make use of them.

Technology has given us the world; it’s up to us now to see what we can and will bring to technology


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