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It’s bottom up than top down!

Sir George Washington once said,when you do the common things in life in an uncommon way you will command the attention of the world.” and these words are indeed true in the case of one of the most aspiring and creative legend in the advertising field ‘Mr.Dheeraj Sinha’ heading global information technology and supply chain at Appolo tyres,a 1.7 billion u.s dollar company,having 15000 + employees.He specializes on Indian consumers,youth marketing,small town India,technology adoption etc.He has lead the strategic planning discipline for Bates 141 group in India.

When asked about his book Consumer India: Inside the Indian Mind and Wallet’, when it was launched at GRD School of Commerce and International Business,Coimbatore he expressed,what better to launch in front of New India? The author’s intelligence vividly illuminates the intersection of commerce and culture of New India.He adds saying the only thing which is constant is change!He points out at the ‘popular culture’ as an evidence to change.He proudly says ‘India is changing and so is the classic cinema era’. There are far more young-looking brands in India than there are brands for the youth. Given India’s large young population, that’s a huge disappointment.

In apparel, for example, there are no true blue youth brands. There’s an opportunity for youth brands, not the ‘youthful’ brands that the Levi’s and Nike are becoming. We have a young population that buys apparel through multiple formats of unorganized retail, which stock clothes for people from all walks of life. There’s a huge opportunity for retailers to dip into that and make an opportunity out of it.

Dheeraj sinha says the Indian youth has found conventions to do new things by not mocking at old tradition and values.He openly shares his experience of creating the Virgin Mobile Ads where they targeted the youth by being the real youth than being youthful. Mr. Alvin saldanha shares his view saying’no matter how much knowledge you have,you must have the artistic touch to shape it.we all know ‘India is nation of nations’ where there is immense heterogeneity and hence there is complexity in understanding consumers and consumerism but Dheeraj sinha has done a commendable job in turning the table around.

The consumers are always brand conscious and would always choose the brand in which they have had a good experience.The growing technology has given access to the community to commercialize the frothing competition.Consumerism is not the solution but economics is.He images India A walking in par with India B.His inquisitive brain continuously churns to make meaning of everything he observes.

The three key factors to be considered while advertising are youth,women and how India is changing at a larger pace.There has been a perfect blend of transition,’bad was becoming the new good’.Dheeraj sinha speaks to the young blood who are craving to get a break through in the field of advertising by telling them the biggest barrier in marketing is the psychology of the marketer.He suggests all of them to see from 25yrs -35yrs which is bottom up than 35yrs -25yrs which is top down.He leaves us all awestruck by proving that Indian brands have come in par with the foreign brands.

When asked if the Ads screened are misleading at times?he instantly said that the customers know what they are buying and are aware of products before hand.’fake stuff cannot last for long’ and the advertisers follow the code of ethics.Dheeraj has been honored with a number awards like best published thinking to winner of Advertising awards and many more.India’s leading Strategic person now turns out to be an author !!

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