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Real Thing

coke biedenharnI typed this blog exactly nine months back by sitting in the banks of the river Mississippi but some how it took me so long to upload this, I travel a lot and when ever or wherever I travel; I ensure I carry my ipod and a coke. I was thrilled to visit Atlanta – The coke city, if you are in Atlanta – it is coke all the way. Atlanta is the Head Quarters of the worlds number one brand coke (until last year). When you visit the world of coca-cola at Pemberton Place, you can explore the past, present and the future of the worlds best known

brand. I am a globe trotter and globally (across countries, cultures, and languages) every one recognizes two words “OK” and COKE. Atlanta was “refreshing” like coke but wanted to taste the “real thing” so i traveled Coke’s down the memory lane… Yes, I visited “The Biedenharn Candy Company” where coca-cola was bottled for the first time in 1894. All great things start from tiny things.

In the summer of 1894, a young candy merchant named Joseph. A.Biedenharn of Vicksburg. Mississippi had an idea that was to shape the American, and later the international, soft drink industry. He took a popular fountain beverage known as Coca-Cola, put it in bottles and shipped it into the rural areas outside the Vicksburg city limits.

254It was the first time Coca-Cola had been sold in bottles. Mr.Biedenharn created a totally new concept of marketing the beverage and established the cornerstone of the independent network of franchised bottlers who now distribute bottled Coca-Cola all over the world.
Joseph Biedenharn, born in 1866, was the eldest of twelve children, and went into the candy business founded by his father and uncle while still in his teens. Later Mr.Biedenharn and his brothers acquired franchises to bottle Coca-Cola in Shreveport and Monore, Louisiana; and Texarkana, Wichita Falls, San Antonia, Temple and Uvalde, Texas.
The restoration of the original Biedenharn Candy Company buildings was based on photographs and insurance maps of the 1890s.The Museum features the history of Coca-Cola along with equipment of the type Mr.Biedenharn used to bottle the first Coca-Cola in 1894. A wide variety of original Coca-Cola advertising and memorabilia is on display to allow the visitor to follow the evolution of Coca-Cola form 1890 to the present.

The authentically restored candy store and office area feature furnishings and displays of the 1890s and offer ice cream, delicious homemade candies and a wide selection of Coca-Cola souvenirs. Today Coke is a global brand leader in the beverage industry with a range of products which can cross one hundred in number, this black carbonate drink called coke has hard core loyalists in every country. The red color or the logo or the shape of their bottle or their commercials or their sales promotion every thing remains unique in spite of being launched 130 years back, when it was launched it was the only product in the market so the product name became the brand name. It capitalized the original status by calling itself THE REAL THING. In 1988 coke appeared in the Guinness book of world record. Today it is worth more than $70 billion. When you are there at Biedenharn Candy Company buildings and try to think about coke as on today I was reminded of the quote “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.”

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  1. Anoop says:

    Hi Sir, I had been to Atlanta and shopped lot of souvenirs but never been to Vicksburg, i guess it is in Mississippi. This blog has instigated me to visit ,i will soon visit.when do u intend to visit usa the next time ? please drop me a line, i wish to host you. Well done , your blog is stimulating but have a few suggestions to make,Please leave a contact email id of yours and add the search facility if possible add RSS and mailing facility also. Where on earth have u time all these for you sir.! Salute your passion.!

  2. Sanjay vk says:

    My interest in reading ur articles has increased now…the subjects that u come across,the new looks of ur website and blog…its too too good,really nice…u r showing very much justice to ur readers.

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