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Starbuck’s Change

Starbucks is not just about coffee..!!  It is a place between the home and the work place for many. I guess all of us who had been to a star bucks will agree to it. Starbucks the world’s largest retailer of Coffee and one of the Best Global Brands is a favorite brand of mine, i have spent hours together just over a coffee. Recently they announced their arrival in India.  A brand truly differentiated themselves from the others of the Industry.

Post recession Brands are overhauling their brand with an instant make over on their logo. After “Gap” logo it was the “Airtel” Logo which completely took everyone by surprise. Now it is the turn of Starbucks. When i close my eyes and think about Starbucks, the instant visual that emerges is the Green color, the ambiance and the smell, the Cup and obviously the logo.

Starbucks suddenly realized it will drop the words attached on their logo and turn out into a logo similar to Mercedes, Apple, Nike and the McDonald. The Changeover of Starbucks logo during the last 40 years   :

The CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz   claims, In March 2011, Star Bucks celebrates its 40th year of its existence and to celebrate and explore and move new heights it has tinkered around their Logo. “This new evolution of the logo … embraces and respects our heritage and at the same time, evolves us to a point where we will feel it’s more suitable for the future. The new interpretation of the logo … gives us the freedom and flexibility to think beyond coffee but make no mistake … we will continue to be the world’s leading purveyor of the highest-quality coffee.”

Nostalgia : Brands keep improving their logos and one classic improvement is the logo of Nokia. I have placed my collection of brand logos over the years.

Brands adopt three strategies when it designs the Logo :
Visual, Word, Combination of both. Star Bucks Logo dropping the words star bucks and coffee and emphasizing more on the Mermaid to represent star bucks coffee seems to me an idea which is not going to last long. This new logo to me seems not so fresh. Voice your opinion on this change of Starbucks at

If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.

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    according to me, the change that Starbucks made in their logo was an excellent move, because as we all know Starbucks have a good brand value and if they want to think beyond the coffee chain business, they don’t want to develop any new logo, or invest much in building up an new brand. For most of the people Starbucks is value for money and it will be a products which give worlds best quality..

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  3. Paul Gaius says:

    I’m totally against and sad about the latest decision take on by the Starbucks’, in changing up their logo…….. The present logo I feel is like a body without the clothes……… Because, what I feel is that the most appropriate or attractive fact but this logo was the writing, especially Coffee.
    For instance something that came into my mind was, in a foreign country some guys are going on a long drive, in between they get the mood to have a break for a coffee. At that time they remember their friends telling about the world famous brand Starbucks…. They try finding out at a particular place but will not be able to identify the shop from far off because of the new symbol and pass off…………
    Isn’t it a fact that most of the customers identify or recognize a particular brand through its name or through the name of the product…… I feel the Starbucks should once more think wisely about the new change they have taken………………..

  4. Divya.J says:

    As per me the things which do hve wide scope in 2011

    is “Repainting of LOGO”… tats wat Stabucks gng to

    do..this is not lasts long…this logo ll also change as

    change is oly thing tat doesnt change…so wait nd watch

  5. saahil.n.thomas says:

    i would lyk to mention dis quote here as it is said above “if yu dont lyk something change it,if yu cant change it,change de way yu lyk it”.tats wat de starbucks has done,guess de want to refresh their brand image wid somethin new n refreshing lyk de taste of thier coffee..n also wen it is said tat its worlds largest retail of coffee n one of de global brands,its not necessary for dem to have name in their logo as it is recognized worldwide…yeah change is necessary but not satisfied wid de design!!!!

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