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The Adventure Begins:

harley-davidson_logo When I was traveling in USA ten months back, there were two things that caught my attention; one is the Apple computers (in my part of the world only IPOD is famous) and the other one is 107 year old Harley Davidson. I always used to wonder when I can (forget about owning) drive Harley. When I got an opportunity I zoomed on the roads of Vicksburg. It was a wonderful experience on great roads with the beautiful climate. To me, Harley Davidson is an iconic brand so I took lot of pictures with the cult brand. In my teenage like every other teenager driving a two wheeler is a dream, but my country had very few choices Yamaha, Hero Honda, TVS, Bajaj, among these options Yamaha was a better choice in the two wheeler segment, now to make the competition fierce arrives the worlds most admired brand “Harley Davidson”.

Yes, the time has come, “Harley – Davidson in India” The bike that stands for freedom – enthusiasts, lovers and potential buyers will be given truly authentic Harley Davidson experience from January at the Auto explain Delhi. The company plans to launch it enter the market of bikes in India and offer full range of options to their prospective customers, It is said that no two bikes are the same , and the reason behind is the options that the company offers to their customers – four types of engines, five varied chassis and 31 models. The Indian bike enthusiasts dream is coming true. If there is a fine line between customizing a motorcycle to look cool and unique Harley Davidson is the only choice. Very soon Bikers in India will be zooming the Indian roads on Harley Davidson. If you have never saddled up on a Harley Davidson you are missing out on the ride of a life time.kkr-harley

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  1. shyam says:

    Good news.Harley Davidson is Coming to India,But will it be affordable and when will it come , i am sure not before 2011.Nanos Vs Harley Davidson !!

  2. Balaji says:

    Apple is of course gr8, no doubts (own an i pod n a macbook)…hats off to Steve Jobs for his thinking…..!!! And of course Harley’s, the Sign of manliness….!!! in my list of must buys b4 dying….!!!

  3. varsha says:

    Sir, is it true…Harley Davidson is also coming to India..then y do i still get struck in the USA. Before Starbucks opens up i should be back in Banglore.When are they opening up?

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