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Top 5 apps for ipad 2

If  you have got an ipad2 for yourself, It is one of the Best gadgets you have ever shopped..!  Kudos!!  But the moment you have got one, don’t fret and fume. This gadget needs few things to be downloaded. In This blog l suggest you  few apps you must have in your ipad2 to make it a gadget worth its dollar, some of the applications are free,  for some of them you spend few dollars. But these are all applications YOU MUST HAVE for IPAD2.

Drop Box:

In a world of screens/Gadgets we need to access our documents or Power points available at any given situations and times. Drop Box serves you very well as it syncs and you can open up any gadget and get the required information.  This application simplifies your life. In an Ipad you can’t have an external hard disc to transfer documents and drop box comes handy to sort out.

Garage Band :

If you are a music lover this is a killer application, this application has got different gadgets and it entertains you and the ones who are around you. This will be an interesting application for all those who want to break their routine. This stunning application is provided to us by Apple. This is Apples application for all ages and one of  the most popular music applications across social networking.

Garage Band


If you are a busy executive you should have Pages.  Ipad2 makes word processing that is beyond words. Pages are the most beautifully designed for the modern gadget like ipad2. You can create anything you want in an artistic and creative manner just by drag and touch. Where ever you go words come easily. Pages make you and your Ipad2 lot more productive.

Angry Bird:

When i got this ipad2 my six year old son got very addictive to my surprise it was not just the ipad2 but the game called “Angry bird” . An interesting game which has made millions of them to get hooked on to it. The visuals, music the sequence, the drama for sure it is worth the dollars. If u want to distract yourself from your routine or want to kill time angry bird could be a great companion.  Angry bird adds little fun and relaxation to ipad2.

iBook :

iBook is an interesting app for all those who have the appetite for reading books. Through this app you can download books you would love to read. By getting this application you can create your own special library. Kids will get hooked and will have a great time by reading those illustrated wonderful story books this application offers.

Buying an iPad is a great decision and to use the ipad to the fullest you need to have all those apps which need to be downloaded. There are innumerable apps which are available for free and for few dollars, based on your interest and usage you can download your applications. Please share your views on the other interesting applications that you bump on.


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11 Responses to Top 5 apps for ipad 2

  1. Saranya-10MBA40 says:

    The most wanted ipad also has too many limitations, that makes us to download applications, which is a boring task for many of us. Either these applications can be inbuilt or accessed at free of cost from apple.

  2. Kalaiarasi-10MBA21 says:

    One of the most popular brand among the public is iPad. As the customers expectations are more now-a-days, they would think of downloading the applications as an extra burden. So, these applications can be inbuilt for the convenience & satisfaction, of the customers at present.

  3. VIVEK.T 10MBA57 says:

    kid art for ipad version 1.0.1 is also one useful application for kids under 8 years. kids imaginations grow as they draw and this app is a realy useful one.

  4. ANURAJ MENON says:

    the ipad definetly knows what all applications or what all things it does not support. its not bringing in the full support for the use of customers may be because they wont to stand separate from other gadgets and trying to create a new market in which there gadgets are purchased just for particular use. and more over if there are customers to buy this gadget even with prior information that it does not support in all way whats the loss for the company in producing it and bringing it in market. probably what they would be trying to bring in updated versions slowly so that they can have the highe price tag for full end version or all program supporting i-pad.
    🙂 10MBA07 🙂

  5. ALEX JOSEPH says:

    gaming perfection is acceptable in i-pad, touch sensitivity is very highe with comparison to any other phone n the market. the main defect of this device is that it only gets connected to same kind of devices or apple products only. music quality is very good.

  6. james makkil says:

    now the cost of i-pad is near by RS. 30000, we can get the same quality products with android operating system. android apllications are user friendly and can be connected to anyother devices and more over the support provided by the android is more than the ipad and in ratings too the android is standnig far more forward than i-pad, and the pricing too is also lower than the i-pad.

  7. Nirmal James says:

    Now HTC has launched its 3D mobile device to the market. even though there are many devices which is having advanced features, people are going behind the apple products. apple can give these gadgets for free to its users.

  8. D KRISHNA VIKAS 10mba23 says:

    The iPad fully supports an excellent implementation of multitasking. Flash isnt good on mobile devices, I have an Android phone and have reviewed android tablets before, trust me. The RAM really doesn’t matter in a mobile OS like it does on a desktop OS, it is designed to be efficient, and requires much less RAM. 1GHz alone is super fast for it. I’ll agree a Micro SD card slot would be useful to some, but isn’t very necessary. A USB port would be absolutely useless to everyone, and would make it three times thicker.

  9. K.RAJA (10MBA36) says:

    In indian market, the market leader nokia has user friendly options . it is used by all kinds of people… but in case of ipod it is little bit difficult to handling with its option for indian consumers

  10. kannan(10mba22) says:

    after iphone, ipad is becomeing popular ,bec people expecting more and more new advanced technology,and come to the thought of knowing about everything from the place were they are.and apple ipad cost around rs 30000, and it also gains brand royalty like iphone, and become dream for middle class people,and favour for upper middleclass people….

  11. Mushtaq says:

    For the love of God, keep writing these arcsltei.

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