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top10Branding has raised into far more than a marketing buzzword, since more and more corporates acknowledge and value their brands as strategic assets that are built through deeds, not merely words or images . Peter Drucker the greatest management thinker said ,” The main job of an organization is to create value”.Interbrand, arguably the world’s best branding consultancy firm redifined the meaning of brand management and has made brands to appear on balance sheet.Interbrand pioneered the development of brand valuation techniques in 1988 for Rank Hovis McDougall (RHM) who was resisting a hostile takeover
Brand value is derived by analyzing a bench-marked performance of parameters that drive and contribute value. It can be awareness, relevance, differentiation, preference and loyalty, market and competitor activity, sales and profitability. It takes time and enormous effort to build a brand, but once a brand is established, it’s very difficult to kill it. To create unfeigned brand value brands need constant investment and constant value analysis because when the going gets tough, it’s the brand that will facilitate recovery.

Interbrand evaluates brands and according to the latest report COKE ( 68,734 ($m)) continues to prove its undisputed leadership where as GOOGLE ( 31,980 ($m)) proves to be a brand on the rise and it grows by 25% , AMAZON (7,858 ($m) @ 22% )and APPLE (15,433 ($m) @ 12% ) and as expected all banking firms have lost their trust and in turn on a decline, Morgan Stanley (6,399 ($m) @ -26%) ,American Express (14,971 ($m) @ -32%),Citibank (10,254 ($m) @ -49% ) and unexpectedly Harley Davidson ( 4,337 ($m) @-43%) is loosing its ground. There are few new entrants and the ones who are on the rise includes Lancome, Burger King, Adobe,Puma, Burberry, Polo Ralph Lauren, Campbell. Brands – it is all about .The past year globally it was a downward trend due to recession and when the going gets tough only the tough gets going. Today, We recognize brands as Assets and it is time Indian corporates start nurturing their brands.

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  1. Артемовский информационно-развлекательный портал says:

    Entertaining interesting clause

  2. Prashanth says:

    Coke is always topping the charts and I guess it is not going to come down unless it fumbles up. Percentage changes are less for the top 3 but there in a world full of brands topping within the top 10 is something big. I was shocked for seeing toyota at the back I accept there is a recession and lots of brands have come downward but Toyota is ranked topper in automobile sector but overall no 7 is something not expected.

  3. Roshan says:

    Interbrand valuates brands on current earnings and strength, which is the number of years you would assume the brand to go on. An interesting study is also how Young and Rubicam valuates brands on the basis of strength and stature. Strength in its context is a function of relevance and differentiation, while stature is function of esteem and knowledge!

  4. It agree, that the post has turned out successful. Good work!

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