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Unvanquishable Brand

Brands are all about Stories. If your brand has an interesting story, bet on it, if you don’t have one – create one!! All our lives have moved from the milk vendor’s bell which used to wake up the entire colony to an alarm clock which would wake up the entire street to the digital clock alarm which used to wake up the members of the house to the mobile phone alarm which is now in vogue. Today clocks (the world) has become sleeker, slimmer, smarter and softer, until i made a trip to Germany!

Cuckoo Factory

I guess, all of us might not know the history but would faintly remember the rustic wooden clock from where a bird pops out of the window and says Cuckoo!

The first so called “Cuckoo Clock” was created over 280 years ago – around 1630 – in the village of Triberg, the Black Forest Region in Germany.Mr. Kettler, built his own clock, and embarked on the tradition of clock making.

It did not take long for the Cuckoo Clock to gain incredible popularity within certain parts of Germany – even some major cities nearby. During those long winter months, the farms were snowed-in and the people had time to create finely hand-crafted cuckoo clocks of much flair with rich and varied carvings. The nationals even vie against each other for the best clock. People there had always crafted and carved using the local wood that was one of the few natural resources in the area. Each of them would try to create a more unique and elaborate cuckoo clock than their neighbour’s clock.

With inventiveness and sleight, the clock makers were making cuckoo clocks with richly hand-carved ornamentations from various woods. In 1808 there were already 688 clock makers and 582 clock peddlars in the districts of Triberg and Neustadt.

In 1850 the Herzog (Duke) of Baden founded a School for clock-making in Furtwangen, where students learned  mathand drawing as well as making cases and movements for the clocks. This ancient craft continued to develop, becoming soon a flourishing industry where the clock carvers worked have become light and well-equipped workshops where clock movements and cases are manufactured by modern methods. But the wood carvings are still handmade by skilled masters as they were 200 years ago. Old clocks and original drawings of the first clocks are still used and modified as patterns for new models, but the cuckoo clock in its basic form is 200 years old. The cuckoo clock is a clock of the past, present and the future, still much loved by children and grandchildren.

In countries with four seasons, the cuckoo bird is hailed as a welcome sign of summer. After months of dark, gloomy weather, the cuckoo bird delivers the good news with its distinctive singing.


This Cuckoo brand has attracted millions of tourists to visit this place around the clock and carry the cuckoo clock with them and I was one of them who shelled out $ 200 to carry my cuckoo brand only to share another story to my family and we all sit to see how the bird pops out of the window to say cuckoo.

When i was in cuckoo factory for an hour what i witnessed was tourists from all over just rush in with so much of curiosity to listen to this fairy tale of cuckoo and instantly melt and run towards the clock to buy it and scan thedifferent designs (tough Job) and once decided on the design to their complete disarray find the price ($ 50 to $ 4000 the price determines the size, the movement, the quantity of carvings, equipped with music, moveable figures ) to be too expensive and start doubting if they carry the clock will it work in their country and promptly the vendors say they have an international warranty and to your surprise they also say that they have one or two service stations in your country.

Now you have lost your heart to this cuckoo clock brand and think if you should buy the brand. We start scanning the shop that suits our purse and taste and just buy it. In an hour i had seen thirty clocks getting sold.(annually they sell more than 60,000 clocks) Visitors just grab the clocks as souvenirs to show case it to the world that they had been to the cuckoo clock factory and they too have a story to share to their loved ones. A simple wooden clock laced with creativity and an interesting story makes the Cuckoo clock Brand. I was sold by my own game,”

Brand stories”. I am just thinking why this brand is so famous!!!?

Is it due to the clock?

  • Is it due to the design?
  • Is it because of the bird?
  • Is it because of the sound?
  • Is it because of the story laced around the brand!!

Think and Share your thoughts!!

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  1. this post is very usefull thx!

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  3. One of the world’s great ‘keepsake’ brands, the cuckoo clock.
    Right alongside the ‘grandfather clock.

  4. Harshad .B nambiar says:

    I think its the idea of bringing up the concept of how birds chirp in the morning and tell us its time to get up…so how would it be if the bird would tell us the time every hour….its not possible with an actual bird…thus a mechanical cuckoo toy was used….I think its the concept….of reality interpreted artificially ……

  5. Sensuriyan. says:

    I would like to go with the sound & bird sir, To be more specific It is because of the sound rather than the bird because with out the sound we won’t be looking at the clock everY hour to see the bird popping out. ( I cant imagine the bird with out the sound but it doesn’t look wired when we imagine it in vice versa)

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