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A lady joined as a receptionist in an unknown company 2 decades ago. The founder when allocating the company shares, he gave the receptionist 0.2% shares and told that when the company goes public in to the market this share will be worth 100 million and told the receptionist to stay with the company.

The receptionist worked and stayed for years but the company never went public. When ever she asked about the companies public issue of shares- the founder used to say soon. Years rolled in to a decade, the founder kept saying soon with every year passed by. Her wait continued and the founder kept on saying soon.

Finally the company went on public in the New York Stock Exchange in September 2014, the worth was 245.7 billion.

Tong the former senior receptionist is the current Vice President of the same company called Alibaba. She is now worth 320 million. The founder as we all know is Jack Ma. ( The picture below is of Tong and Jack Ma).

Would you stay in the same company for 14 years and work hard ?

How many of the founders walk the talk ?!

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