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What is in a Name

What is in a Name ?

A rose is a rose is a rose “. – Gertrude Stein. In Stein’s view, the sentence expresses the fact that simply using the name of a thing already invokes the imagery and emotions associated with it.

Naming a brand is a great challenge, it is the most important strategy in branding, a great name can make a big difference.This decision on branding decides the future of the brands. Look at the two brilliant case studies on Brand names.

Once upon a time, there was a little but rising athletic footwear company with a check-mark swoosh logo called Blue Ribbon Sports. Not a horrible name, but not obligating adequately to create a mighty mental image of winning foot races. sagely, the company changed its name to a word that came from a Greek Olympic conciliate meaning “win, win, win”!      With this more resonant name, twinned with a more aspirational positioning and promise, Nike reached unbelievable height not just in its market share but also in the minds of the customer.
Imagine, you have a brand which enjoys strong sales and due to a unforseen circumstances purely because of the brand name the sales and market share dipped, the company decided to change its brand name , but eventually it has to be withdrawn from the market.

A candy manufactured by Campana company in flavours like Chocolate, mint, butter scotch, and carmel flavours had huge sales in the 1970 and 1980.Can you guess the name of the candy ???!! Ayds (pronounced as “aids”). The packaging had a phrase “Ayds Reducing Plan vitamin and Mineral Candy”. During the mid eighties,a deadly disease breaks out that has a name that sounds the same as that of a well-known diet product.The disease AIDS brought down the brand due to the phonetic similarity of names. The brand changed its name but eventually had to be withdrawn from the market.

Names..Names..Names :

There was a recent study on the Brand names of the Fortune 500 companies: The brand names can be brought under five categories.

* Descriptive Names : Bank of America

* Family Names : Ford

* Image Names : Amazon

* Coined Names : Microsoft

* Initial names : HCA
The naming trends have changed in a big way in the last 55 years.

> a 54 % decrease in Descriptive names.

> a 45 % decrease in Family names.

> a 14 % increase in Initials names.

> a 45 % increase in Image names.

> a 213 % increase in Coined names.


Ideas turns into expression, expressions turn into words, words turn into names, names turn into brands , brands turns into belief, belief turns into trust. Coco cola, Google, Disney, Microsoft, IBM…these words are costlier than the GDP of many countries, it is worth the efforts for a brand to search, think, discuss to create a name that brings fortune and fame to the Brand.

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