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It is a sense of pride nor is it a sense of achievement !? You call it either way but we can place our(India) head in pride after the recent terror attacks and the down swing of the economy and landslide of sen sex. I am blogging minutes after the pride of India Sachin Tendulkar smashing the ball to a boundary to make India defeat England and sachin bagged another century (41st in test alone).

I have shelved my idea of saluting cricketer of the century Sir Sachin Tendulkar through my blog for quite some time with only one dream that i will do that after Tendlya brings the next world cup to India. I grew up watching him play cricket and tried to imitate his attitude not just in the field(Oh God! how many times i have walked in to a cricket ground thinking me like sachin..ha ha) but off the field also. A down to earth cricketer who is a learner all the time. To him, Leadership is Action and not Position.

I saw the first test match between England Vs India, for the past five days with a firm belief that India will win and Sachin will score a century or i should say i wanted sachin to score a century…He did that and that’s the message for the world.No one can stop INDIA.Terrorism,terrorists nor the economy down swing…we will re surge and conquer the world..not just in cricket but terrorism also.Mumbais message to the world..We are born to win and to lead…Mumbai is the heart of India,the people there portray that in their attitude..let it be sports,corporate,entertainment,writers…oh god they are articulate, communicative,talented,down to earth and they also embrace talents and friends.

kkr-tendulMumbai gave Sir Sachin to Indian cricket and this mumbai master blaster who runs through cricket for the past 19 years..goosh..he seems to be a run machine and his thirst for runs has not diminished in spite of the media speculating this Icons retirement ..He is not a politician,statesmen film star or a religious leader but a true blue cricketer who is giving heart and soul to Indian Cricket.He is such a powerful prodigy India has ever produced through a sport..i always quote Cricket is a religion in India and here Sachin is GOD. If we need to eradicate terrorists the means are education,sports,music and remove poverty and we need strict laws.

Hey, before i get neck deep into nostalgia about sachin..let me sign off by saying kudos to the English cricketers for not calling off the tour and putting up a brave total ..Hats OFF!!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, That was too fast..gud work…the title was apt..u have linked up the blog on sachin,mumbai,terrorism,cricket and india very well.

  2. lachu says:

    hats off to sachin and indian team for a historic win………sir when a player wins the goverment is giving 3 crores(olympic) to him but a true hero gives his life to save people for that same government pays 5 lakhs to his family wats your comment on this

  3. Hardik Chheda says:

    Very well written Sir… Some people just have the kind of aura that has an ability to connect to billions.. The little master has that special magic connect with the billions in this country.. His stature (absolutely not going by his height), his seemingly quiet and composed presence on the field has had such a huge impact on all of us, for close to a couple of decades now.. Every one wishes to be like him… yet the beauty is that none of us are jealous or envious of his achievements.. In fact in all probabilities we feel more excited about his successes perhaps more that he would be…

    It was amazing and extremely funny to see the crowd cheering every dot ball by Yuraj, in ecstatic anticipation of the master’s century… That speaks volumes of the love we have had for our little great hero and of course his service to the game and the country…

    May he bat for India for many more years to come… And I am sure we all hope that may Sach bring the 2011 World Cup to add to all the glory he has accumulated for himself and his proud countrymen!

    I very well agree with the concern lachu is raising… It is such a paradox, but if we look closely at the most common day to day routines of our life.. we would find that life itself is so full of paradoxes… And these paradoxes put you through so much of mental turmoil and yet one would find that we cannot really find very logical reasons to certain occurrences… sometimes one would feel very strongly about these issues and some times our mind tends to reconcile to the fact that, this is how life is and there are no doubts that it is a very imperfect world that we live in… Would be glad to understand your thoughts on this issue Sir..

  4. YBS says:

    Sir…. U’ve given a feel of extreme optimism… when the majority of the nation is exchanging blames, ur views hav a dissimilar gaze…Tat too at this time of controversies regarding the pay of cricketers n commandos, ur blog had witnessed the raise of India as a solitary one… u have brilliantly linked both the extremes .. one is heart throbbing and another is heart melting …

  5. lakshman says:

    hello sir..
    a man close to demi god.. a few would get to sit where he is..in the hearts of the people..the last couple of decades india has produced gems in many fields..a stateswomen like indira gandhi..a visionary like gandhiji..prsident like sri kalam…but this man rises above all..for the simple fact that he made us happy when we needed it the most..

    terrorism a word feared more than tsunami..it has created a dent..we will and we must fill those small dents with some precious invaluable stuff !…lets fill those dents with gems of laugter..colours..courage..wisdom patriotism .. honesty and selflessness..

    india has never lacked in gems..ar rahamn..amitabh bachan..r k naryan..major unnikrishnan..abdul kalam..sachin tendulkar.. they are and will be there for us. ..these people shall be our guiding light.. ..coz they personify all these values..which manny of us lack..

  6. drkkr says:

    Hardik..it looks like you have moved into the reality of life!!! The changeover from student life with full of dreams into work life which is more realistic…it should be terrible. Start looking at life on how we can make the difference. I know how much energy u have, plan your work and then work your plan..

  7. NAVAL LANGA says:



    I have read some of your posts. I would revisit, as I liked your writings.

    Naval Langa

    Another Blog

  8. Hardik says:

    Sir, you are absolutely on the dot. Moving on from a very eventful, almost fairy tale like student life, to the a new situation was almost like a very uneasy feeling.

    Here is when masters like Sachin, show you the way. Despite the constraints of the real world, one could realize his dreams and how!!

    I would need all the right inspiration and all your mentoring and I am sure one could make a difference.

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