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How much can a social-net working sight influence, we all are aware what Facebook can do and all of us are aware of the sweeping changes Facebook is making in our lives, corporations and countries. All of us have witnessed the growth of Facebook.

Now, imagine of tasting Facebook. Observing the obsession of the world on Facebook, two brilliant entrepreneurs in ice cream business came up with a brilliant idea. So it was only appropriate he thought to create a flavor for other fans obsessed with the social media behemoth. Brothers, Admir and Ibi Adil made their Facebook flavored ice cream by simply mixing blue syrup atop vanilla ice cream and placing a small sign with a Facebook logo on it. Selling a scoop for €1, the ice cream apparently tastes like sugary sweets and chewing gum, but it’s become a hit as many passersby were immediately drawn to Facebook’s trademark logo.Now Facebook is an actual flavor of ice cream at a shop called Valentino-tisno on Murter island in Croatia. People all over now do what they do in Facebook : Like, Share, Comment, Tag, Status update about this idea. Soon we will witness some one will emerge with a FB Burger, Drink, Cake and set your imaginations high..!! Ideas energize LIFE..! What is your thoughts on this IDEA..!??

If given a choice to launch a product for Twitter, Pinterest , LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube …what products you think you will launch like the FB Ice Cream…??!! Share your thoughts..!

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