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Facebook Privacy

All of us are on social media and we use Google for Information and hook on to Facebook for people, we keep posting pictures, status, commenting, sharing. Who do we share all these…!!?  Is it to your family, friend, friends or the the whole world. Post something on social media that you would share with your mother!!!!!!!!! Remember that once you place a photo or comment online, it’s there forever.  WhatsApp,BBM, FB confessions, Emails, Chat, text messages, every thing can be tracked and intercepted. Be sure on what you do digitally.

President Obama gave some very sound advice that everyone has heard before.

“I want everybody here to be careful about what you post on Facebook, because in the YouTube age whatever you do, it will be pulled up again later somewhere in your life,” Obama said.

With over   (Facebook announced their most recent user total has climbed to 1.11 billion)  and counting users on Facebook, it is becoming a bigger and bigger concern about what you post online. Anything you put online is permanent and can be found. This can be said about any other service as well, so as the President said, be careful about what you post!

 FOR YOUR KIND ATTENTION:  98% of recruiters use LinkedIn, 42% use Twitter and 33% use Facebook.

In this scenario, most of us neglect or forget  to notice the privacy settings of Facebook. This behavior act is vulnerable  when we post something on Facebook, it goes beyond your network. The data portrays how ignorant we are on Facebook privacy.  

Ensure the five Facebook settings are with your Facebook Profile:

1. Who should see your content ?

2. Who should send you friend request ?

3. Pictures, Status you post is it for the world or the friends or someone specific ?

4. What information you want to show up to your friends ?

5.Do you want your profile to appear on the search engine ?

Once you decide and if you would like to  work on your Privacy settings and Edit your settings. These are basic and mandatory, once you are there on the settings you would decide all those you want to protect. Still you find some one bulling you digitally : Block them or get in to the cyber space and protect your digital image.


IF you think there are some more settings that are mandatory please post it here, it will help all of us.


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