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Fountain of Knowledge

When was the last time you went to a #library ?! , living in a world of #ebooks and #Google. Most of us have forgotten the dusty books of the libraries we once spent lot of time to acquire knowledge. Being a Fulbright scholar I had the honour to learn about the international higher education and some of its best practices and challenges, as part of my learning I walked in to a library yesterday only to get astonished to see the design of the building, the infrastructure and the interiors and the way in which they have integrated technology in to a learning space. It was mind blowing when I saw a #bookBot.

BookBot is a Robotic book delivery system, at THE HUNT LIBRARY, it can store up to two million books in a climate-controlled environment and deliver any of them within five minutes of a click in the online catalogue. Requiring one-ninth the space of conventional shelving, the bookBot helps transform this 21st-century library from a storage facility into a rich environment of learning and collaborative spaces. There is no other library like the Hunt Library in the world. May be Amazon uses this technology for its E-commerce place.

Hats of @NCState for this inspiringly designed State of the Art University with great collaborations. Way to go.

NC State University:  It’s a place where ideas become reality and bold ambition forges beautiful solutions to global challenges. When learning becomes stimulating, life is fascinating.


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