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The Man who made India witnesses an Indian in the Formula 1 racing. Here is a glimpse on the face to face with  the speed star Mr.Narain Karthikeyan. This shy and simple man is a class of his own.

Was it your aim to get into car racing or did it just happen?

My Father used to rally here and was quiet successful. Ever since my childhood, I wanted to join racing. Moreover most of the stars came from here Coimbatore. So I should say it was my aim and then it came naturally to me too and now I am here. So it is more of the first part. I wanted to be a racer.

Do you have an edge on your competitors? What inspires you?

Right from the beginning, Formula 1 is where I always wanted to be. And Formula 3 was not that bad as I get to compete with top notch. I am proud to be the first Indian in this field. When I started with this, I knew it would be a tough one. Of course I had support from my sponsors like Tata Group, J.K Tyres, King Fisher, Amaron Batteries and now things are looking good.

What inspires you to the next level of achievement?

For me, to be the first Indian to be in Formula 1 is a very big achievement. Formula 1 is what inspires me. Competing with the Formula 1 drivers is a great thing and it is going to be good for my image. As the first Indian, I knew it was going to be tough. But now that I have enough support, things are getting softer.

­What drives your spirit?

Speed…It is the limit. What can I tell you! Driving at 350 km/hr is an incredible experience and I just can’t explain the feeling. You have to feel it. My whole life revolves around speed.


How do you withstand pressure?

I have a program , which includes exercises for 5 days a week and 2 days rest. I have seriously taken up yoga and meditation, which have helped a lot in my concentration and flexibility. Better concentration,  helps me to make lesser mistakes. Motor Sport has a lot of pressure in India. When there is only one player at the top, the whole country looks up to you and you can’t let them down. This itself is big pressure and meditation and yoga has helped me a lot to relax. During summer seasons, it is very tough to race. In the heat you wear 3 layers of suit, you get dehydrated and lose up to 4-5 kilos in 3 days. This sport requires little bit of upper body strengthening too.

Which is your worst nightmare?

Well, motor sport is not a safe sport. The accidents that mainly occur are freak accidents. Now days much development has been made in technology and chances of accident are lesser these days. Still if you ask, my worst nightmare would be to meet with an accident and be paralyzed for the rest of my life.

Your 3 favorites other than cars and wheels.

Other than cars and wheels! Well… Video games. I love them. Actually I have my own play station. I love south Indian food, it is the best kind of food I have ever had. Then of course, I love my family. These three are my all time favorites.

What are the most important qualities of a racing champion?

First and foremost, one must have raw talent. He must be very hard working and should maintain his physical fitness. The body condition should be at 100 percent. You should have a physical trainer and a training program. Your mind and body should co- ordinate and your reflexes should be at 100 percent.

Having test driven Jordan and Jaguar, has it boosted your career?

After driving powerful cars like those, it makes you wonder what you are doing in a Formulai car. Yes it has encouraged me to try harder to prove myself.

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