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Malaika Arora Khan


Ms.MALAIKA ARORA KHAN  — She’s India’s answer to Jennifer Lopez. Sexy, svelte and surprisingly serene, Malaika Arora Khan is every ones fantasy. She knows that her overt sexuality is her trump card and laughs every time you mention that to her. A successful model, MTV Veejay, film star and now a married woman, Malaika is the complete woman. Cool, confident and catty ..i had an exclusive encounter with her.. which will make every ones heart flutter.She is one of those sweet and simple celebrities one can ever come across…

You’re called the sexiest women in India.

(Laughs) I know most men find me sexy. And I’m completely okay with the tag of a sex symbol. I think I am a very passionate person, maybe that comes across on my face. So, if they think I am the sexiest woman in the country, I am flattered.

What do you consider as your breakthrough in life?

Well. There has been many breakthroughs at various stages of my life which include my first modeling assignment, my role in “Dil Se” and my marriage, all of which  i would give equal importance.

You are also MTV’s popular VJ.?

Is-it? In that case I should thank god because I never planned to become a VJ. It was very unexpected. I was already a known model when I got a call from MTV. They needed someone to host a show called Club MTV. After I was screen tested, they liked the results. Though I was skeptical initially, I still went ahead with it. Before I knew it, I was on. Everything happened so fast, so if people feel I am the most popular VJ, I am very lucky.

What does it take to be VJ like you?

I think it is just the right attitude. Being able to converse with people is the most essential thing of being VJ.

Being a VJ and a model yourself, who is your favorite?

Cyrus Brocha – he is definitely my favorite.

You started very early as a model. Did you always want to become a model?

I was in my first year of college when Society magazine had a cover girl competition. I sent my pictures and was selected for it. After that there was no looking back as one thing led to another and here I am today. Today, I would call myself a press and print model, not a ramp model, because the pre-requisite for a ramp model is that she should be tall, and I am only 5′4. ‘

Cosmopolitan’ selected you as the Cover model. How do you feel about it?

Very happy. It was a major breakthrough for me to be the first cover girl of ‘Cosmopolitan’, as they wanted to use Indians initially on the cover. They didn’t know how the magazine would be accepted in India. Hopefully everybody liked it.

Do you think the modeling scenario in India has changed?

To a large extent, it has. People are now being more accepting towards this field. I would agree it has come of age.

Your comments on the group of people who are particular about banning beauty contests?

There are even protests against Valentine’s Day. This non-acceptance is a never-ending process. Our beauty queens have proved that they are truly ambassadors of the country. So we have to give them their fair due and share.

Modeling, acting, VJing, anchoring, appearing in music videos, dancing – which one do you like to do again and again?

I love all of it. But what I enjoy the most is dancing. Chaiyya Chaiyya  made you an overnight sensation. Farah Khan choreographed that song in Dil Se and it was she who insisted that I do the number. She’s a brilliant choreographer who gave steps that suited me best. After that song was a hit, I got the kind of recognition I had never imagined even in my wildest dreams. And yes, there were tons of offers after that, but none were exciting enough. After such a good entry, I didn’t want to ruin things for myself. So, I took my own time and preferred to good quality work only.

Don’t you want to do full-fledged roles in films?

Honestly, till now, nothing has excited me much. Because I have this sexy image, all the makers come to me with stereotyped roles. And I don’t want to keep doing cliched glamorous model type roles. There is hardly any scope to act in all the films that I have been offered till now. There has been nothing stimulating or challenging. But if tomorrow, something which I really like is offered to me, I will grab it with open arms.

Could you tell us something about your future projects?

I am doing a Italian film, which is coming up. Also, I’m doing a proper role instead of just a song sequence in a Hindi film, which is due for release.


Is there any reason for pursuing a degree in child psychology?

Well, I love children. I could always relate to children better. In short, i love to be with children and that is what made me take up the subject.

Tell us your experience of being a part of the ‘Khan’ family.

It’s wonderful being a part of the Khan Khandan as they say. It’s a lot of fun, a lot of love, lots of warm reception. They are a wonderful bunch of people to be with.

How comfortable is husband Arbaaz with your bindaas image?

He has been the most wonderful husband any woman could dream off. He is extremely supportive of me at all times. Where I am today is all thanks to his encouragement and love. Since I had a very supportive family before marriage as well, Arbaaz’s encouragement doubled my confidence in myself. He is very comfortable with my sexy image. He’s a very relaxed confident man who knows that i  love him too much. And that is all that matters to both of us .

What is it that you never compromise with?

I never compromise on the person that I am and my work. I have to give 100% to whatever I do.

Down the lane 10 years from now, where do you see yourself?

Hopefully 10 years from now, I can come back to you at GRDSCIB and I can be a part of Confluence once again I hope to see everybody once again.You have done a great job Ram, i have not seen this well behaved, well dressed, beautiful students anywhere..very inspiring.

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