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What and who inspired you to come into the field of cricket?

Cricket was only a passion. I never planned to take it up as a career. My father was an engineer, so I was also to take up the same field. Cricket just happened step by step. I was first appointed as captain for the under 19 team. Thenduring my 3rd year engineering, I played against Pakistan only, after which my father was convinced. By god’s, grace after I completed engineering I started playing for the Indian cricket team. It just happened.

How successful in Srikanth as a cricketer and as a businessman?

I will be a former Indian Cricketer and die as one I tried my hand at business but lost a few bucks.So I stick to cricket and my business is related to it.

How do you build a winning team?

It’s a question of playing your mind. First you choose the team. The priorities being selecting the players, findingsomebodytalentedandagoodteam management.Group the cricketers and groom the good players to the necessities and requirements of the team. India being a country of diverse culture, there is a lot of pushing and pulling in the team, which is a major defect for us.

How do you manage stress?

Stress management is an art. All of us go through stress everyday – exam tension, affair tension, its all part of life, which we should all go through.In all stagesoflifethereistensionwithregardsto marriage, a good job etc.Beyond a point we should take a spiritual attitude towards life.We have to let things happen.I believe if we do our best god will do the rest.Do your duty and don’t think about the fruit of the action first.We should relax and enjoy the simple things in life.

How satisfied are you with you career?

Cricket is something more than my career. In my younger days I used to play unorthodox cricket, hitting over the top, medium paces and tried for fours and sixes in the first few balls. When I think back on my career, have only scored in the range of 30 to 50 in international cricket and then i sat back and relaxed. If I had been more sensible and practical I could have done better. But I know people remember me for my game.

Captaincy! Is it a burden?

Any cricketer’s dream is to captain the country. It’s definitelynotaburdenbut whateverhappens he must be mentally strong and should strike a balance between his team and performance. Unfortunately, during my captaincy, there was a lot of striking, so managing the team was a problem. I also lost my batting focus.

Manoj Prabakar Vs Kapil Dev, which side, would you like to play on?

Kapil Dev is the best Cricketer the world has ever produced. So I will definitely like to play in his team. He is a great cricketer.

What is the income of a cricketer and what is match fixing?

Lets face it. Cricket is not just asport its business too. Everything you touch in cricket is money and very big money. This is the only game that gives a win-win situation. The board and the players make good money, the audience is entertained, sponsors are happy because millions of people watch the game. Match fixing, I have no comments because I don’t know the truth.

When you lose a match what do you do to get back the enthusiasm and commitment?

Winning and losing is a part of life. Cricket teaches you to take praise and criticism in the right spirit. We should try to analyze where we went wrong and not to make the same mistake again. What hashappened has happened, there is no use brooding over it.

Winners are born and not made.

Winners are born every person has aninherent talent and that is why each one of us are different, basic natural talents comes only by birth how much ever you work hard they cannotcomebeyondalevel,whetherits studying dancing etc. Sachin Tendulkar is one such gifted child.

Your most successful moment?

Captaining India was my greatest point of success.

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