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Mr. MILIND SOMAN …Macho, Greek God looks, mind boggling, and Stunning.. oh what can I, I’m running out of words to express the admiration I have for this man. This man who is the most sort after model, whether in the Indian or World fashion market just sat there with no air of himself…how can he  be so humble???.. I  only adored him more… He shared some wonderful experiences with us about his childhood, his first love, and his first modeling assignment…t… catch some of the minute details about him. The model, Who is a national swimmer, an actor, and a producer- Milind Soman.

How do you benchmark your mode!ing and acting?

As a model I’d say in a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give myself a 7. In my opinion the best Indian Model to date is Arjun Rampal. There has never been nor will there be for a long time a better model. As a model he is a very good looking, very natural and has a comfortable body language. He is doing very well on screen as well. As an actor I have much further to go. So far I have done three films. Agnivarsha-1 was nominated for the best supporting actor. So I’m improving now. I am now producing my own film, which tells you about THE RULES of LOVE.

Is the first impression the lasting impression for a model? Why?

No I think first impressions are very important. Today the competition is very intense. When I was a model, I was the only model, so there was nothing like competition. Today there are a lot of great looking girls and guys who are very hard working so they want to make their first impression their best impression, so that when they have some work they call them first. In any business the first impression should be the strongest.

In your opinion what pulls down the Indian movies from getting the international recognition? What are movies supposed to be?

Movies are telling a story on the screen, So it depends on the story you want to tell. Suppose im telling a story, it should reflect my culture, my background, it’s a story I want to tell the world. Making a film, which is a copy of the culture and society abroad, the audiences will have no interest for foreign people. The films from the south reflect their culture and society that’s why there is a lot of respect for South Indian Films in Bollywood. We can make international films.

How would you describe yourself to someone who didn’t know you?

Letting them find out is more exciting.(laughs out loud) If you really want to know I’m Sweet.(smiles).

What is your Philosophy in life?

Don’t believe all that I’m saying but my philosophy is” Do what you want and don’t listen to anybody.”

What Is the important talent for a model, look, talent or physique?

There are basically 2 types of models. One is’ the Ramp Model. This model displays the clothes and has to be a able to project the person without speaking, or overpowering the clothes. It is very important that they look comfortable in the clothes they model. People should like to be like them. There are the other Commercial Models like when you want to advertise for Surf or a washing machine. The model should be like a person you could meet in your neighbourhood. So a model need not be very good looking or talented, not necessarily very well built. It all boils down to personality. This comes from a very rounded philosophy, and the interest in life and your surrounding, and then you are a model. When you see a beautiful face it holds your attention only for ten Min’s. The picture should speak to you otherwise it cannot survive.

When you were rejected by Graviera Suiting, how did you fee! and how did you overcome the feeling?

I was not very upset coz, at that time I was not a famous model and I knew nothing about modeling. Advertisement was not the profession that it is today. I was sent by a friend as a favor not expecting to get the job. They felt I was too young to wear a suit. A month later they called me and offered me Rs.50,000 for a 2hr job of changing my shirt. This made me really happy. You are the heartthrob of millions! Comment. I like that!!! Nothing wrong with that….

How do you stand out from the crowd?

If u give me chair and make me sit way high up, then I naturally stand out from the crowd. But frankly speaking, listen to no one and do what you enjoy.

What is it that you love the most and hate the most about your career?

Right now, here at Confluence. Answering these questions about myself embarrasses me.

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  1. Maran says:

    Too good..what is milind soman doing now. I suggest u place your pictures with them will make your intreview lot more impressive.

  2. Maran says:

    Too good..what is milind soman doing now. I suggest u place your pictures with them will make your interview lot more impressive.

  3. jelsiana says: cum ur close to all models.

  4. steffy says:

    o i so envy the fact dat u actualy get to mt these ppl n Milind Soman is som1 dat anybdy wld wanna mt

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  7. Ramya says:

    I think I would be the biggest fan of Milind Soman. Why doesnt he reply to fan’s mails? :(:(

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