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Iconic Brand of Indian Cinema

Mr. KAMAL HAASAN, ACTOR, FILM MAKER is considered unique for his achievement and his profession his ability to bring freshness and to bring unique difference in each character he portrays and each film he makes.  He is unique for his outstanding individuality in everything he does.  Inspite of his achievement he has not lost his ability to be one of us.


I discovered that he was more of a learner and scholar than an actor.  A few drops from the interaction we had.

Media has been talking lots about Kamal Haasan? Can u tell us what is Kamal Haasan to himself?
I would like to quote Vikramseth “Giving an interview chips away the personality and one exposes more of inner love”. What you read about me is just the outline and not the actual Kamal Haasan.  It is very difficult to realize the actual person unless you live with him.  There is still a confusion called Kamal Haasan this helps me to search more in me.

Whom do you consider the most beautiful women in earth?
My mother is the most wonderful woman on earth. I don’t care if she is beautiful or not.  That is the one woman I needed even if she is gone.  Life is full of choices and options keep varying.  I don’t accept beauty being recognized by contest being conducted because I was defined differently from my culture.

Why do most of the marriages fail?
I love my mom that’s the one woman I needed in all my times. That is the kind of conviction in all my times.  That is the kind of conviction I will have only with my daughter.  Most of the relationship fails because we search our mother in our wife and the poor lady is in the process of searching her father in us.

Your movies are spoken a lot before its release? Your Comment on it?

Sometime people believe movies are the best vehicle to transport their ideologies even though they don’t belong to the same medium.  Unfortunately this vehicle is meant for one purpose it isn’t a versatile vehicle so some politician should drop off let go realize that this is not their vehicle “Vasoolraja” was into kind of trouble. “Hey Ram” was into unnecessary false publicity.  It is as complicated as explaining why Mark Antony’s speech and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is not in praise of Brutus but its actually in praise of Caesar.  That’s what Hey Ram was all about.That’s what people misunderstood by vociferously saying aloud they got their publicity and “Hey Ram” got a funny image.

Where do you see the India film industries 10yrs down the lane?

I’m sometime myopic, with optimism and sometimes very clear sided.  But 10yrs for now at least it should be what it should have seen 3 years back as slow as we are to tread on new ground presuming that we should be where we should have been 2yrs back.
In 10yrs we should have digital projection.  I am talking about Cinema telecommunication and other related field will explode in all the directions.  The audience of the cinema industry has got a narrow minded western vision which will soon change into a broader vision.

Like other celebrities why don’t we see Kamal Haasan in advertisements?
I cannot give a testimonial for what I don’t believe in. I don’t believe it and I am not Partial, at the same time I have my own view.  I have globalization at the same time it should be alone with acceptance of diversities.
I hate drinking dark carbonated water it does not of quench my thirst so I will not give a testimonial saying it is great.  I make my own selection personally I don’t want confuse the customer what they want to choose.  Probably the hard sell I do is for Kamal Haasan and his movies.

How do you take Criticism?
Reluctantly, I may not agree with you completely right now but it will make an impression in my mind.  When I go back home I will take it with me and make things better.

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