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Vivek opens up…

vivek2You have been a very successful comedian. Your opinion ..

It is really unfortunate (in a humorous vein). I have become a comedian and you should   give your opinion on my performance.

There is a rumor that you are acting as a hero in a movie.

Yes. It isnot a role where I fight and rescue. I am a next-door boy, a common man in that movie titled ‘Panju’. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the movie has been kept in abeyance.

How is it possible for you to be a real and spontaneous comedian?

I have been doing it for the past 15 years. In fact, I wrote the comedy dialogue for ‘Nanpargal’ Tirunelveli’ and ‘Kannethire thondrinal’. For most of my celebrated hits, Prasanna Kumar, who wrote for ‘PalaivanCholai’, writes the comedy track.

Which is your most admired role?

I like every character I play. There have been super hits and flops. At this juncture, I would like to quote Ernest Hemingway: ‘When I dip pen into the inkpot, I leave some flesh into it’. So, I love all my works because I put my heart and soul into it.

How important is humor in movies?

Nearly 75 percent. Humor is essential for life to boot. Let live. Be happy and make others happy. Happiness is manifested through a grin or smile. In a movie, humor accounts for 75 percent, followed by good songs and just a pickle touch of story. This combination works well. In fact, humor saves many movies.

Sometimes humor track appears irrelevant and out of place, why?

‘Alagi’ was a celebrated hit. When I was asked to play a comedy role, I wondered why this movie required one. But distributors will not buy movies, which do not have comedy. To appease the distributors, comedy track is introduced. Such tracks may look out of place.

Don’t you think humor wounds others?

Yes. Humor is all about scoffing at others. It cannot exist without rubbing shoulder with others. Be it slapstick, stand-up or situation comedies, beating others, punching some or criticizing people are commonplace. I don’t say that you should laugh heartily seeing a person slipping off a banana skin.

Are you humorous in your real life as well?

I am serious. You know why? I am married. Since then, I am serious.

Which is important for movies/characters is it Personality, talent and content ?

Personality does not count. Appearance is deceptive. Beauty is skin deep. But attitude is a requisite. You should possess talents. Dance, acting, martial arts are talents. Ultimately, subject is important. Talents combined with theme or subject makes a movie interesting.

Do you by-heart dialogues?

I do it extempore. Comedians will be told the situation and based on that they should improvise. On the other hand, heroes and heroines have to rehearse and by-heart dialogues.

What do you do when you are not acting in movies?

I am a voracious reader. I love music. I am an ardent fan of Illayaraja. I have a keyboard and harmonium at home. I also visit frequent bookshops.

Success rests on luck or hard work?

The former. Because, I have been doing this role for the past 15 years. But, it clicked after a long time. Perhaps, I am blending humor with some social message. Moreover, I did not have anyone to  back me. I do not beg for favors also. After the success of ‘Nanbargal’. I received many offers. I could not accept them as I was bed-ridden for six months following an accident. When I came back,  there were many contesting in the race. Still, I made foray and I have risen to the occasion thanks to your patronage.

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  1. arun pandian says:

    Vivek is one of the most intelligent guy of Tamil cinema.He is a voracious reader and very informative. Neat interview.I read all the celeb chats, very intresting u should circulate the info about your blog.

  2. jessy says:

    I like the content.

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