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“Exclusion Culture”

They bring nine chairs for ten children, and they tell the children that the winner is the one who gets the chair, and whoever remains without a chair is out of the game.

Then they reduce the number of chairs each time and a child comes out every time Until one child remains and he is declared the winner.

The child learns the culture of “Myself, myself, and in order to succeed, I must remove others.”

And in Japanese kindergartens, they play the game of chairs too.

And they also come with nine chairs for ten kids, with a difference !

There they tell the children that you have no more chairs. If one of you remains without a chair, everyone loses. All the children try to hug each other so that all ten children can sit on nine chairs. And then they reduce the number of chairs successively with the rule remaining that they must make sure that no one remains without a chair or else they will all lose.

The child learns culture “I cannot succeed without the help of others to succeed”!

Future of humanity lies in cooperation, not competition… !!

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