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[star+buck.jpg]The history of coffee is as rich as the brew itself, dating back more than a thousand years. The first coffee plants are said to have come from the Horn of Africa on the shores of the red sea.Originally, coffee beans were taken as a food and not as a beverage.The global star brand.., STAR BUCKS at last enters India by DEC 2007.Thanks to the recent amendments of the Govt of India on FDI . Star bucks ,the US based coffee chain is expected to join hands with Pantaloon to enter into the Indian market place,with 49% and 51% holdings. It has nearly 12,440 stores,and it is estimated to reach around 40,000 stores. Sipping coffee in India is moving away from home made to local to regional to national and now it is a established local chains such as Global brand. Though a global brand, the company is likely to face stiff competition from the Barista coffee and Cafe coffee day. The brewing methods and roasting techniques may have changed , but our love of coffee for its invigorating effects and satisfying flavor has continued to grow. Coffee travels from the tree to the cup in our hand. It’s a journey that affects its flavors and taste characteristics, and ultimately, our experience. In India refreshing, stimulating coffee is now turning out to be glamorous and of course a HOT STAR brand…Star bucks will soon become a status symbol in India. Coffee loves music, lets wait to witness the music of star buck. Lets taste the flavor.

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