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T20 brought IPL (or) ICL brought IPL either way it is going to bomb after its first episode. India is a cricket frenzied country, we breathe, eat, drink cricket. All of us talk about cricket,… to know more about IPL – CIRCUS…

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  1. mukesh says:

    All of us talk about cricket, most of us like to play cricket but few of us like to watch cricket when India is not playing cricket. We will never watch a Duleep or a Ranji trophy Match and we also hate to watch cricket with passion and fun when India is not playing. So how does IPL format expected to be?

    sir its grt plz write more cricket………….

  2. aL-0k!!!! says:

    The game has begun and so far the responses seem to be great.The turnouts have been great, and following India, West Indies is all set to announce its own version of the IPL.

    Apart from that sir, what is your take on the ICL not gaining all this popularity and the BCCI’s attitude towards it?

  3. ArUn raFi says:

    ‘What is the big charm when Ganguly Plays with Ricky Ponting, Akthar and Gayle or Dhoni Playing with Hayden and Murlidharan.’
    Well I certainly think its a big charm.Take for example someone like Ricky Ponting comes running all the way from the slips inbetween an over to give the tall lanky Ishant Sharma some advice on how to bowl to Gilchrist,and,who would have thought that there could be such camaraderie between these two who were billed as top rivals in the series down under,where all was not that well as far as relations were concerned.
    and I am not the only one who thinks like that too.

  4. Valliappan Raju says:

    IPL is been noted to various abbreviations by us. Idiotic premier League,Indian punching league etc. Its also been raised that why should cricket been compared with football for leagues. It was the same agony and agitation that whole nation had when we heard Mr.Dhoni was paid 60million INR to get into a team and some claimed “What a great recruitment? what a great poaching? what a great value?”, but its true that Cricket is been commercialized for marketing purpose. No wonder Mr.Rahul Dravid said that ” i wish this aution doesn’t happen again” he made a clear sense. Its a sad time to sports. I accept. BUT…

    To all Anti-IPL volunteers, i would like to drop one simple statement. Is this IPL not making a SPORT as a synonym of friendhood [try to ignore our bhajii and sree who are emotional junks on ground..said not by me even aussie laws have mentioned that]. If the answer is no , then anti-ipl team is absoultely right on their aruguments. But if the answer is YES…, then lets agree that this kind of league matches should be happening consistently.

    What went wrong is…., corporates entered and bidded for a team/player which is a mere and sheer atrociousness. Thatz absurd and curse to cricket. Had this budding not happened and players decide to shuffle them with teams….it would be a great exertion and refreshment for all. Keeping AWAY the bidding/auctioning event that happened, this leagues are very healthier. Just by entrance of monetary violation this game and IPL has got adulterated which obviously can’t be tolerated by cricket lovers.

    Equation one :-
    Game + Friendhood = Sport/Fun/Healthy

    Equation two:-
    Game+Money+Revenue generation = Gambling/Degrading sports and players/unhealthy

    -Valliappan Raju

  5. drkkr says:

    Valliappan…are you trying to be an umpire..haha.But kuddos you have taken a stand which reminds me of a third umpire ..

  6. drkkr says:

    Hi, happy to see some response..k,lets rewind our mind to the time when we bought a newmobile or a new laptop or a new vehicle…intrestingly recollect the first month with those gadgets,we might have used all those like liquid gold.Anything thats new will have utmost attention and when you have so much money like BCCI to spray around u can for sure create a buzz..what i meant was after the fist episode let us what is the response.

    I know there is a great charm when ponting runs toward ishanth sharma and gives some guidance.The charm is greater when bhajji punches shreeshanth afterall it is IPL..Indian Punching league.. (just out of curiosity will ponting have such low scores when he plays for Australian team!!) My only concern is rather the entire world thinks that way..too much of anything is bad…The biggest casuality is the newzeland team which lost its entire national team to IPL and ICL. Now Pakistan ,westindies, englnd re going to brinkg similar leagues.

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