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Brand Music

Music is an art form whose medium is sound. Music can mesmerise anyone, Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. A song will outlive all sermons in the memory. I belong to a country in which music is laced around our life. For all those music lovers the brand called Sony introduced a wonderful brand Walkman in 1979. It took the world by surprise. The first time walkman turned out to be like a shadow in music lover’s life. People carried it wherever they went. It was “The Portable” music player. Sony is an electronic conglomerate which has always launched stunning products like Walkman. Music Industry went through a sea change.

The world’s first commercially available mp3 player, the MP Man F10, was released in May 1998. It boasted 32 MB of

storage, enough to hold at least one album, and was a steal at just $250! Three years later, the first iPod hit the market. After that, the rest of the Mp3 Player market never stood a chance.

But Brand walkman got replaced by a product named IPod. Music Industry went through a sea change.

Apple, the most admired brand introduced the first generation IPOD was introduced on October 23, 2001 with 5GB 1000 songs at $399. By the end of 2001, apple sold 125,000 IPods,   IPod changed the music world and changed the way we buy, store and listen music. Apple is always a stunner. With 250 million iPods, 43 million iPhones, and 32 million iPod touches sold to date, plus the promise of a game-changing iPod, Apple won this year’s vote by the highest margin ever for a No. 1. Hats off Steve Jobs for changing the way we do things from buying music to engaging with the world around us. The success of IPod is innovation and Apple always focuses on Product, Product, and Product!! 1. What is happening with walkman-the Sony Brand?!  And what should Sony do to comeback!?  2. What is your favourite aspect in an APPLE Brand!

Share your views by downloading from the Apple Store.

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4 Responses to Brand Music

  1. sharon thambi says:

    Good one sir , Apple has got its own and unique look , very compact ,n luxurian look………….on first look it gives us all a suprise if such a small device can hold so lotz features n wonderul touch of music ……….

  2. rupali rao says:

    first the take over of digital cameras, next the i-pods overshadow the walkman…do u think its going to be the victory of e-books over the normal ones

  3. drkkr says:

    Rupali, Thank you for the brilliant topic you have suggested me to blog. Ebooks, …Brand Kindle hasn’t created the impact. I guess Ipad might, to early to comment, i need to lay my hands on Ipad then give a first hand opinion. But this is going to take time..but i am sure not a very long time.

  4. DR.GANDHI says:

    Until paper manufacturing is coming to a grinding halt (due may be, to the man-made folly of total devastation of our forestry resources ) e books can never replace print media.
    It would be decades far away or may be quite too short !
    Who knows?

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