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Designer BOOK Shelf

The Universal truth is that, all of us have been influenced by Steve jobs in some way or the other, I realised this recently in my own experience. I was in search of a good, interesting book shelf.   Being a educator and a vivid book reader, i have stacked lot of books, i guess my only assets are my books, my friends and my students.  Since i have a  whole lot of books and decided to preserve it.  After shop hopping for months to locate a good book shelf, what i witnessed was mundane shelf’s with fancy price which they claimed to be book shelves, then i seek’d   directions from friends on Facebook on my search. I got ideas from Boston to Bengaluru, Mumbai to Milan. I decided to make my own design of book Shelf on my own name KKR.  Then I altered the idea, the book shelf should suggest any one who sees that book shelf,so decided to make a book shelf  “READ”. The book shelf  indicates that the shelf is not meant jut to  store the books, rather it suggests the  viewer to READ. I got the idea, worked on the design, my friend Dennis located the carpenter who was willing to give shape for my idea and at an affordable price, worked on the cost sheet, then had to decide on the wood and finally the colors. I should confess, i enjoyed the smell of the wood, fevicol and the paint. I decided the theme to be Black and White. Here I am all set to launch my OWN designer Book Shelf. When you don’t get what you want, create one. At the end of the day if you settle with just what you get, you tend to crib all through your life about that. If you don’t get what you want and try to create one, you can at least be called as a creator. Chase your dreams…! Just get out of your comfort zone,stretch a bit, be confused a bit before getting clarity. YOU TOO CAN BE A CREATOR.  I am deeply influenced by Steve jobs. I am keeping my fingures crossed on the reader’s views. But I love my own Brand of Book Shelf, which has prompted me to think off my own T shirts, Stationary, Wall hanging…! Thank you very much to all those who had been a source of inspiration and information. Share your thoughts..!

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