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In this digital world brands need to position themselves interestingly and the launch should be stunning. Each brand thinks  to launch their brand in an interesting manner but end up in  a mundane affair, few of them stand out purely  with their launch to derive the mileage. Steve Jobs have set this trend and he got it right  every time he launched ( let it be Mac, iPod, iPhone,iPad). Apple always stuns the world with their launch. I am curious about their next iPhone launch. In this digital world, word of mouth is the most persuasive media of all. The world is social now, thanks to facebook, twitter and google. Social media has engulfed almost everything and makes globalization complete.

Well, When i was a small kid my dad used to give me a chocolate if i eat my food properly ( without wasting it), and if my handwriting is neat and legible in my school  home work. Without cash or credit card can you buy chocolates from a store ? Imagine if u do a good deed you get chocolates,  how would you feel if you just make a promise to do a good deed and pick up a box of chocolate. Every good deed deserves a chocolate.

In Denmark the chocolate brand Anthon Berg“The Generous Store” in Copenhagen ‘priced’ its boxes of chocolates with over 30 different good deeds including ‘Serve breakfast in bed to your loved one’ , ‘Help clean your friend’s house’ and ‘ Talk nicely  to your mother’. Customers made generous promises towards a friend or loved one on Facebook using the in-store iPads to ensure they followed through with their payment. 

According to Brand Anthon Berg, ” Generosity is one of the basic elements in human happiness. However, research shows that just 1 in 10 people experience generosity from others. We would like to help change that trend, by doing something more than just giving chocolate.

For one day only, Anthon Berg opened “The Generous Store”. It was the world’s first chocolate shop where you couldn’t pay with cash or card, but the promise of a generous deed to a friend or loved one. If you did not make it to the shop, visit where the generosity continues. My personal thought in life, “WHAT YOU GIVE IS WHAT YOU GET.”

This campaign has used  social media in the best possible manner, first time some one has used social media as a currency !!

Share your thoughts generously

1. About the Generous store Campaign ?

2. Which deed do you like the most among the 30 different good deeds?

3.In this fast world, what have you given generously ?

4. Share some of the best brand promotion campaigns you have come across ?

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  1. deepti says:

    sir,how far this can work?

  2. drkkr says:

    It Works Deepti, that is why it has reached you. Do i need to say more ??!!

  3. Komal Davey says:

    Awesome…!!!!! 😀

  4. Sayuj says:

    What an idea sirji…!!!

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