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Just VOTE !!

Let us STOP worrying about those who came by the boat, let us START worrying about those who come though our vote…What are the qualifications of people for the job and are our politicians taking their job seriously. Folks, it is election time in India and let us play our role on who should rule the country for the next five years.If a sportsperson doesn’t perform while he plays he is dropped, if an actor hasn’t done well in a movie or if you don’t perform well in the corporate they have repercussions, their performance is measured and we demand a particular standard from them..we should demand the same standards from politicians also. It is time for us to demand for standards,accountability,commitment and performance from our politicians.

Interestingly Indian politics works on Party system and everything goes behind that. But this election is the first phase of modern revolution towards Indian politics since youngsters are going to vote in a big way and there are lot of nominations from interesting is not just the hereditary or caste or the traditional approach alone are into politics.Lot of new faces some of them with parties and some of them without parties. But they are into the fray to prove a point..Indian politics will change in the next is time for a change.Dr Mona shah, Meera Sanyal country head ABN Amro have responded to the horrific 26/11 attacks have joined the electoral fray.

Mallaika Sarabhai in Gandhi nagar,Capt Gopinath,air Deccan,sarath babu IIM ,ceo food king from south madras all of them as an independent candidate Of course there are interesting faces who are contesting with the backing of new parties Dr.Muthuvel Rajan Founder and chairman of PMR group of Institutions and also owns software companies in the USA is contesting from dindugal, it is very interesting to see people who are educated and own big business establishments contesting the elections, it is time for Indian politics to change and have refreshing newness and another candidate is Mr Pandia rajan,Managing Director Mafoi consulting and of course Sashi tharoor from congress. As far as this elections is concerned i am amazed by the jaagore campaign – One billion vote.

Every morning, all of us wake up, and go on about our daily routine. Never pausing to look at the garbage strewn about the streets. Ignoring the beggars who lurk in every nook and corner. Denying the existence of the potholes that we drive over. Never thinking twice about bribing bureaucrats to get our work done. And never making the effort to vote, even if it just happens once every few years. The problem we face is our blatant apathy towards all these issues. We just refuse to make the effort to bring about a positive change.This initiative sounds a wake up call for the billion people of this country to unite and bring about change.

A change in the quality of governance that can happen only with active participation through voting, and electing quality leaders. A change by strengthening the roots of Indian democracy. So, It is time to Vote…let us all vote.

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10 Responses to Just VOTE !!

  1. shadab says:

    very very true!!!!!!!! every indian n especially d youth should think over it!!!!!11

  2. Sanjay vk says:

    There must be a university 4 these politicians first of all to teach them how to behave in public…(wat Varun Gandhi did…)and make them understand wat is d actual role of a politician…that its not to make his pocket size bigger but to make the BPL ppl ensure that they get their 3 time meal everyday and to uplift the nation in all manners…so its 4 us to decide now…!!!

  3. Sayuj says:

    very true … please read my dad’s blog at

  4. susan says:

    very true..but is it voters,youngsters do they vote?do they have affinity towards the political looks like the country cannot have any other option than congress and BJP. I bet that this time it is the BJP and third front is nothing but a musical chair and they themselves don know who is their PM candidate. Indian politics should be taught as part of academics.

  5. Harish Kashyap says:

    Indian politicians usually ignore demands for transparent and independent investigations into incidents of arbitrary arrests or deaths in custody. Now, however, elections are due: and suddenly, the issue of human rights finds itself at the centre of extraordinary attention in political debates. Some parties are demanding judicial investigations into allegations of police killings in New Delhi, while other parties oppose this; each accuses the other of base attempts to appeal to their Muslim or Hindu voters.
    Instead of grand pronouncements, strong action is needed to end discrimination based on caste, religious or ethnicity. Active opposition to abuses such as killings, arbitrary arrests or threats against whole communities, from whatever source, should be a minimum qualification for any person or party that wants to govern any nation – and particularly one that prides itself on being the “world’s largest democracy.”>>>>>>>>

  6. drkkr says:

    ALL said and DONE..there are certain things we can let us do what we can..this election let us vote and also advocate others to vote..if we ca make all our family and a few friends to vote..good job. Let us be the CHANGE..

  7. Rahul says:

    Jagore is it working..!!!All said and done the polling percentage hasn’t increased , can we say it has created an awareness but NO impact.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Is there any use of voting..the one we vote doesn’t win..imagine the plight of VAIKO..the out cum of the result shows more votes than the vote registered. It is a tragedy. ..Jagore is a publicity stunt..

  9. Anonymous says:

    In India..independent candidates are a disaster,if someone wants to win in politics get to party and belong to a party.

  10. Piratski says:

    At me depression

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