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Hey, I am not going to blog about Formula 1,rather the biggest race of this decade. This race is the cynosure of all eyes. I am not talking about the euro cup nor about the Wimbledon nor the Olympics and for sure not on IPL. On the world stage, this race happens with the world watching it. Yep,if you have guessed it right or not,i am indicating about the race for the white house and on the race is OBAMA and MCCAIN.I hope all of you might agree with me that this is the biggest race in the WORLD politics.Since i am part of an INTERNATIONAL VISITORS LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME (IVLP 2008 which is on “Education Today” , i must say this is a fascinating  programme) and as part of it i am  travelling across the USA for a month, i had become part of the campaign and I am witnessing the race live and direct from Washington DC and various parts of America and also having taken part in their third debate with the Americans, interacted with lot of people and also have discussed with the supporters of both the parties. In this Marathon presidential campaigns everyday is a series of sprints.Let us sneak through the scenario at the US…

McCain : He is battling out this election with his rich experience and his sacrifices for USA. His tag line,”COUNTRY FIRST” – Reform,Prosperity,Peace. The story about John McCain is stunning . He has a remarkable record of leadership and experience that embodies his unwavering lifetime commitment to service.

OBAMA : He is charging this election with his infectious smile and brilliant campaign. His tag line,”CHANGE WE BELIEVE IN” – Yes we can. Like him his childhood was very simple,but this ordinary person has turned out to be an extraordinary person.He believes in Hard work, Honesty, Self reliance,Respect,Empathy,Kindness,Faith and Hope.Barack Obama campaigning strategy is the best election campaign in this world. The reason for me to blog on this topic is for me anything that is connected to marketing is a huge case study.I try to religiously go through it..The campaign strategy adopted by both McCain and Obama is the biggest political marketing campaign ever witnessed. Both of them have used every medium in all the possible manner to communicate about their brand images and content. The country is flooded with T Shirts ,badges,tiepins,cups,signage, POP materials,Books, TV commercials and on the online oops..they have done almost everything possible,email,viral,online ads,banner,slogans,social networking sites,search engine marketing, sms and gaming.They have used techonology to their advantage for marketing. But..But..But the most effective campaign is Barack Obama. I would call it as Brilliant, Big and Best campaign.His logo,the fonts which he is using, the tagline,theme music, the colours he has choosen is truly of the best brand building efforts.It is a fascinating campaign. His every move is clear and consistent and it just reaches the target audience in the manner in which it has to reach.Folks,it is not the ipod and it is not even face book – today the buzz word in US is BARACK OBAMA.I am not discounting McCain ..he is undoubtedly a great fighter.Americans RESPECT MCCAIN, but Americans LOVE OBAMA. Brands are the one that is in the consumers heart.Only through love one can get into the heart. To support Obama the latest arrival is the economic crisis, it surely favours Obama – CHANGE campaign and the Americans BELIEVE they have a ray of HOPE through Obama.Americans are crazy about the two strong and striking words – CHANGE. Congratulations Senator Barack Obama,— he has a good news and a Bad news..the good news is that, he will win the election and the bad news is that he will be the president of United states at a most crucial juncture- when the economy and stocks are at stakes. Wishing to see him switching gears from marketing to strategy.Waiting to witness the change to happen on 4th November 2008. Marketing creates Brands ,yep if marketing is effective it creates iconic brands. The best case study ever made on POLITICAL MARKETING. Thanks to OBAMA and all of those who were responsible to give me an opportunity to be part of the IVLP and also giving me an opportunity to visit United States of America, I don’t know if  i will ever get an opportunity to visit this great country again. I am learning a lot in this trip which i will carry home and share it with my students and fellow folks through every possible medium.

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  3. anand says:

    sir week back i came across a news in paper that even after people realised that he could not bring in the change that they thought still a survey says that (not sure about exact percentage) 40% of people want Mr. Obama to be the president in future and 45% are against him and 15% don’t have an answer.. what could be the thing that makes the 40% of people to still go for him?

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