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IPL – What is Indian about it..!!

IPL is truly an eclectic mix of some of the best businessmen and Bollywood superstars in India – who each understand and interpret the business of sport in their own individual and inimitable styles. But the facts of the matter remains that the IPL has emerged as one of the most successful sporting innovations in modern global sport.IPL – what is Indian in it..!!! Indian Premier League has just foreign coach(except one), next the venue(South Africa) and now slowly changing the captains.
BCCI is playing in to hands of the franchise owners. Recession and global meltdown has struck every one, adding fuel to fire, now IPL shifted to South Africa – ask the advertisement companies and those sponsors to know how much they have lost on this episode of IPL. Let us forget about the viewers, coz our preference and sentiments are not important for BCCI.Now, with the cancellation of the IPL tournament in India and its move to South Africa, what message has gotten sent out? IPL – to me is a circus of success on the short run and will create a big damage on the long run. India will never get cricketers like Sachin, Laxman, Dravid or Shewag and no cricketer will ever play the time frame all these have played. IPL will reduce the life span of a cricketer but has made cricket as a lucrative carrier.

IPL is destructing teams like Australia, Newzeland and now England. We will find lot more teams crumbling , as their star cricketers moving into the hands of IPL – after all it is all about Money – Honey!! IPL – played it well with their marketing strategies in the last episode but success has gone into their heads and the second episode will never be like the first episode. This year IPL has to compete with the elections. It is time for me to move on and learn not just about sports marketing but also about political marketing (INDIAN!!).

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  1. Harish Kashyap says:

    The BCCI has decided to relocate hugely popular ‘IPL’ to a destination outside India after the central government expressed its helplessness to provide proper security to the event in the wake of the coming Parliamentary elections.
    That is the irony of our national politics that everything is viewed in terms of A Vs B and nothing under the scanner of ‘benefit for the nation’. The present government is probably scared that the threat perception is high and any mishappening at this point of time can seriously impact the public opinion and BJP might be able to garner more votes in that case.

    What the government and BCCI forget is that by doing so, they have put the country under shame. I so much used to pride myself in saying that India is far better than Pakistan but now I will have to rethink as we both have been branded unsafe for even cricket.

  2. drkkr says:

    Very well said…I am very disappointed with IPL going to south Africa.. All of us new elections are expected in may …but now ….any way KKR, Mumbai Indians, Deccan chargers and Chennai super kings play in Capetown and different parts of south Africa and let us cheer from our drawing rooms… Any way India worships cricket.

  3. shadab says:

    vry true….. there are so many sms jokes on it saying that we will hoist our flag in some other country on the occasion of independence and republic day due to fear of terrorists…. heart breaking.

  4. drkkr says:

    Hey, that was a good one..

  5. Suresh says:

    IPL 2 is not exciting…but i like cricket …

  6. drkkr says:

    IPL is boring and a waste of time…but i like it..

  7. Opel Meriva says:

    Quite good post, it was very interesting to look

  8. Ауди says:

    The greatest number of people can unite only the least general denominator. – F.Hayek

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