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[true_religion_jeans.jpg]JEANS – The most preferred, most admired ,and the most popular garment of the world.Woven from cotton grown as far afield as Zimbabwe, Turkey or china, more than three billion meters of denim each year go into producing 1.7 billion pairs of jeans. 18Th CENTURY : As trade,slave labour and cotton plantations increased,workers wore jean cloth bcoz the material was very strong and did not wear out easily. 19Th CENTURY : Gold miners during the California gold rush wanted clothes that were strong and did not tear easily.In 1853 Leob Strauss started a wholesale business, supplying clothes.Strauss latter changed the name from Leob to Levi. 1930s : Cowboys who often wore jeans in the movies became very popular. 1940s : Fewer jeans were made during world war II, but they were introduced by American soldiers to the world, who wore them when they were off duty. 1950s : Denim became the youth choice as a symbol of teenage rebel and some school in the US banned students from wearing it. 1960-70s : Different styles of jeans were made, to match the 60s fashions and the Hippie movement : Embroidered jeans, painted jeans, Psychedelic jeans in many non western countries, jeans became a symbol of western decadence and were very hard to get. 1980s : Jeans entered the designer realm. Famous designers started making their own styles of jeans, with their own labels. 1990s : Though denim is never totally out of style, it does goes out of fashion now and then. In these years the youth market want really interested in the traditional styles. 2000 : Products need to be reinvented from time to time and jeans had made a come back. The worn out look has taken the world by Storm again. ‘AUTHENTIC VINTAGE IS THE NEW TREND’ Scrapped,torn,creased,frayed,stained,battered,bruised,sprayed and mended still Jeans remains the most popular and preferred clothing of the planet.

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