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australia 1 It is not just Cricket or Steve Waugh or Brittle Lee or Gilchrist, or Bradman or Kangaroos or Koalas or Immigration or Beaches or Sunshine or Sydney Opera House or Harbor Bridge, the movie Mission Impossible”, movie stars “Mel Gibson”, musical bands “Red Hot Chili Peppersor the Cultural Diversity, the famous Universities Australia is famous for, it is very famous for the Australian slang. The Aussie slang is colorful. When you chew the fat with a mate, you’ll know what it means,( few aussie slang : Becky-tobacco, ball and chain-wife, blind -drunk, crapper-toilet, hack-careless).
I am fancied by the Aussie slang and I decided to blog about Australia using their slang with a reason. Australia is a land of opportunities. A Country which is relaxed and it is so much of fun to be. When I had been to Australia the first thing I learnt is the “ Aussie Salute – the flapping away of ever present flies from ones face and the next interesting thing that was evident is the “ No worries” attitude of Australia and the bash (wild party) they have during the night life.

India and Australia are countries that are in each others extended neighborhood just separated by an ocean. Both the countries have a lot of similarities – sharing a common wealth legacy, a common colonial heritage and language, an agrarian tradition and, of course cricket!


My trip to Australia is flooded with pleasant memories. I haven’t seen Australians getting brassed off or will they get bushed neither they get chocked up. It cuts me up when I come across the terrific Australian sense of humor and they are not behind dosh(money). They live life to the fullest they are happy go lucky, professional, relaxed, humorous and beautiful human beings. They are always happy as Larry and keen as mustard.

But of late what’s the John Dory? What I hear/ read from the Indian media seems to be like a pickpocket at a nudist’s camp. When i walk into a store (or) bump into an Australian, What I have experienced is “howya goin” mate, orright? But now according to the media it looks like Australians are offering knuckle Sandwich (Punch in the mouth) or make mince – meat out of, they also make custard out of the Indians. They also rearrange Indian faces. It appears Indians are getting marching orders. But when I interacted with my Indian friends in Australia (I have a whole lot of them studying, working and doing business). Who replies – no object, no great shakes, not fussed and they say you need not give a hang. But the Indian media reports a whole lot of issues.

I sincerely feel the Australian government seriously need to look at this, since students who aspire to study in Australia are not on a high. They feel destination Australia is on a sticky wicket and Indians who wish to settle down there don’t want to be on the receiving end. It is time Australia comes out of whack and Australian Brand is over a barrel. Today Brand Australia represents pack of blunders.

The Australia I have seen is a sweet country and it was shaping up a beauty. It is such a romantic country that any one will fall in love with it. It is time to Re brand Australia, Wake up Australia!

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8 Responses to AUSTRALIA BAD TROT!!

  1. Raghuram haridas says:

    exactly the truth mate(sir)….i guess the indian media has no better topic so they are turning a few rare happenings into a bloody war….people need to know the truth…

  2. Joseph says:

    Good one Sir.

  3. Stanley says:

    Australia is one of the best places to be in on planet earth indeed.
    Well, about the Indian Media, the readers/students will eventually have the right perception. Just the question of time.
    Congratulations and good wishes.

  4. Sreeja says:

    With my personal experience, would recommend anyone who is interested to pursue their degree in Aus Land. An absolute beautiful place and a needed experience to grow both personally and professionally.
    If concerned abt the media i would say DO NOT BOTHER, people out there are so relaxed and real chillers. At the end of it anywhere one goes its his/her own duty to protect themselves.

  5. Avishkar Saini says:

    See the thing in my opinion…. every1 and everything in life has an upside and a downside…. the guy who wrote this article has said more good stuff about this country rather than bad stuff…. from my personal experience of myself being here for 6 or so yrs.. Australia does have racism, as a matter of fact every country does and I can say this confidently cos I have traveled a lot of the continents on the globe… BUT myself being an Indian, and if u look into and research India.. we are the worst race ever as we are the 1’s who are so god dam racist.. I mean let me give u some examples…. A person from Bihar goes to some other state, we make fun of his accent as he talks in bohjpuri and he doesnt says anything…. but people don’t realize that bihari’s constitute to most of India’s labor. Then u look at peple like Thackeray… he thinks he is cool in his own way but he doesn’t thinks that he is running India.. I mean he says “aami maharstrans” man… I thought that we live in India… When i met up with CM in mumbai they all said on my face that we were recommended by thakery for this position and we had his support.. see the thing is that man… education sector in India is screwed…. its way too academi orientated. U look at Punjabi’s and other Indians.. they think that they own India and wanted to have their own country….. u see rivals like pakistan is taking the full advantage.. did u know that there is about 80k crore of fraud money in India that ppl are using and most of it is pumped through ISI…. meaning.. ppl buy stuff and sell stuff… when the money enters the stock market they buy shares and shit,…. with the money worth nothing… what happens then… liquidation… but still India is holding up.. and is going to be worlds 3rd largest economy by 2050. But coming back to racism.. Its a human psychology that if some1 comes to a person A’s house and has been given a visa to stay at the house with person A. but if that new person slowly gets to know ur trade of work and is good at it cos he works harder and is smart… then obviously is slowly going to overtake the person A’s business or work. Thats where insecurity comes in a person and they try to threaten person B with the visa cos he is better that person A.. slowly and slowly the whole Person A’s race gets up against us…

    SO what the best way to shut them up?

    For a person to survive they need money and family and booze.. lol… and if they dont then every1 will die… If foreigners capitalize on these things and give the Person A’s race some benefits then he is happy …. u see the thing is man… Indians are way too smart and are good at business of at finding jobs.. so if.. ppl like me business minded and if invite like 200 of ppl like me then will create jobs and would prefer Indians like Lakshmi Mittal does. Thats all it is……


    To start up with Australia has got one of the best slangs, As you have mentioned in the article- Which ever shop you go to the first words u can hear from people are “Hey Goin Mate”- “How ah yeah doin today”- “Cheers mate”- “TA”- “Take it easy Mate” not only from shop keepers but also from public Interactions. Since Australia is a multi cultural city, Its a place where we can learn more about different ethinic souls.

    I can agree to your views that Indian are slightly getting deviated to other place~ rather choosing Australia as their Destiny, Critically analysing the Indian Media has lime lighted many situation on Racism- they were to be highly evaluated by the Australian Government, But Rudds Governement In my opinion wasn’t much favourable for International Students.

    There are still several people who are looking jobs out here in Cook -Island, But hardly 5 out of 10 gets a job; related or ir-related to the field , Most of the Indians out here you can see them as a Cab Drivers or in Super market or sometimes even in petrol station or labour works- I think, I could much relate this to a knuckle sandwhich.

    Overall Rudd’s Government should act appropriately on thses issues and also make a resistance to the change.

  7. Vijay says:

    Every place in this global village is unsafe. If you want to be safe. Protect yourself..take care of yourself. There is nothing bad happens in Australia…imagine anyone’s life in India, Washington Dc, Pakistan, Brazil, Africa. Australians are wonderful human beings. Indian media loves to gossip. Let them do it. It is their bread n butter..who cares. If someone cares will they make the same government rule the state after 21/11.


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