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Brand Engagement – Top 5

Social Media today has become a part of every one and interestingly social Media is now part of almost every Global Brand.The prime concern of every Brand is to engage in a conversation with the customers.Every brand is trying to be unique and creative through their social media post.

Recently Track Social carried out a research on the brands who engage in social media and how the audience responds to the brand initiated conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In,YouTube and Instagram. The research is a measure of the the quality of the brand’s social media interactions. For all those firms and Brands who are dabbling on social media, here is the best practices of the TOP 5 Brands on social media.

1. Disney

26.7 million conversations in one year to brand posts.The strategy to Disney’s success in social media is that it emphasis on pictures that every American can feel nostalgic about. One example would be a photo of Cinderella walking down the master staircase in the palace on the way to meet her prince for the very first time. On YouTube, Disney has a video thanking Facebook fans, as the company reached 100 million fans on the platform in July. The video has been liked 11.4 million times.


25 million interactions to brand-initiated posts in the last year for this grocery chain. Publix posts are usually polls, meals of the week, videos and links to the Publix careers Facebook page. The photos it posts on Instagram and Facebook are food shots and on YouTube the strategy is to promote the Publix Simple Meal recipe program. Each platform has a very unique purpose, but they all work to complement each other.

3.Bud Light

23 million responses from consumers to brand-initiated posts in the last year. Bud Light loves contests, and it induces consumers to participate by using its social media presence to get the word out. On Facebook and Twitter posts for its Be The Captain contest got a high number of interactions from fans. Its Instagram has photos of Bud Lights and some are fan photos, which makes things a bit more interesting. YouTube houses its commercials.

4. Fox News

17.6 million interactions with brand posts in the last year. Its content on Twitter and Facebook is mostly breaking news, videos and exclusive interviews. It posts often on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, ensuring that fans and followers always have a reason to come back for more.

5. Budweiser

16.4 million interactions to brand posts in the last 12 months. It’s strategy is very similar to Bud Light’s. There’s a greater focus on images, thought. The posts on both Facebook ad Twitter all get a lot of interaction, and Instagram has fan submissions. YouTube is for TV commercials and online promos.


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