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“Nothing is constant, except change”. I think all of us are experiencing it.  The world around us is changing a lot more rapidly than we can imagine.  The way we hear music has changed, the way we communicate has changed, the way we shop has changed, the way we watch movies has changed, the way we travel has changed.  We live in a changing world.  The pace of change has accelerated over the past five years.  And chances are that this rate will increase over the next decade.  Here are some significant changes we have had in the past decade.


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The challenge is to make sure that we embrace change, but with relevance.

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  2. And I think that it’s all true and very precisely noticed!

  3. Dr. Karthick says:

    change is inevitable. but the point is how the change takes place, Chage takes place in the following ways Evolutionary/Revolutionary- Reactive changes/Proactive Changes. These chages have evolved i would like a blog on proactive changes… gud blog…

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