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Indian Cricket

cricketCRICKET IN MY COUNTRY IS A RELIGION.  I have grown watching Saurav Ganguly leading from the front, Rahul Dravid standing tall in trying circumstances, Anil Kumble turning the tide in India’s favor, Virender Shewag blazing in all forms of cricket, Zaheer Khan york, Bhaji sledging, Ravi Shastri in his vociferous voice commenting and the crowning glory of Indian Cricket Sachin Tendulkar (Man of all seasons) glittering for two decades.

kapilI have been told that as a small kid I followed India’s world cup (one day) win in Lords by reading “The Hindu” newspaper ten times, sticking those paper cuttings and the posters of the sports star magazine  all raviaround my room and did the same with the champion trophy when Ravi shastri won the Audi car.  I as a grown up passionately watched (and of course predict what all will happen in the match) India on the finals of world cup 2004 and India win the first T20 world cup (2007) with disbelief.  But for sure, I am elated with the fact that India is Number one in Tests (I am not sure how long we stay on there).  But what is gratifying to me is that, what Ganguly initiated nine years back by making the players “believe” themselves and formed the players as one unit (or) team and marshaled Indian cricket from where Azharrudin  left (shambles, scam, politics).

This teams architect is Ganguly who staffed the right talent and motivated them with his inspiring leadership and backed them all through. Ganguly, Sachin, Dravid, Laxman, Shewag, Yuvaraj, Bhajii, Zak, and interestingly MS.Dhoni also is Ganguly’s find (except Ganguly and Kumble everyone else is there in the present team !).

It was a refreshing change that John Wright and Ganguly brought in the team that these bunch of rookies instilled with self-confidence can win, which was followed up by Greg Chappel unsuccessful stint as coach but yet brought a fiercely competitive unit. It was his reign that removed complacency in the team and made even the big guns to fight for their place, off course these efforts have not left to the drain with the more studious and affable Gary Kirsten who is reaping the benefits of his predecessors yet trying to be even more successful in his own way by bringing a cohesiveness to the team that was rather torn between the senior junior rivalry. His approach is an excellent case study for many.I am proud of the Indian team and interestingly Dhoni has continued from where Ganguly left.

This team deserves all accolades because this team hasn’t attained this position in a day.  Their perseverance, tactics, focus, strategy, team building, attitude, consistency, grit, gumption, momentum made them to achieve what ever they have achieved today and over the years had made them surpass the Australians and of course the South African teams.  The learning from this team is enormous. Any business organization wants to achieve success and reach greater heights. To make it happen business organizations can imbibe the  success formula from the Indian team. When they instill the above mentioned characteristics in their organization success is sure to follow them.

It is time for BCCI to realize cricket is not just T20. I enjoy all forms of cricket but ask any cricketer … The real test is in Test Cricket and it is time we also play test cricket.I am sure we will loose the number ONE status very soon not for loosing a test against a good team, most likely for not playing test cricket in the next few months. (We will be playing just two tests till November 2010). Reaching the top tough, but staying there is tougher. Long live INDIAN CRICKET. Kudos boys!! You made India fly high in trying circumstances.

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    How do you do! Thanks for the presented good emotions…

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