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Enduring Brand

Nothing endures but change.  I remember the time when i was going to school i used to curiously look at the cute girl with a pig tail on the road standing tall and when i started growing i also admired the  sleek comments on the hoarding and today i am blogging about the same, amazing!! In a cluttered world, Nine out of Ten Brands fail…But there are few brands which travel all seasons without any hitch. This brand was launched in the year 1966 and i guess travelled fifty years by ensuring it is the only favored brand of Indians. The enigma the brand carries is truly amazing; It is a simple unassuming brand with a teasing advertisement crafted based on the situation. I am blogging about the brand every Indian house hold uses it every single day – AMUL. 50 years after it was first launched, Amul’s sale figures have jumped from 1000 tonnes a year in 1966 to over 25,000 tonnes a year in 1997. No other brand comes even close to it. All because a thumb-sized girl climbed on to the hoardings and put a spell on the masses.

For 30 odd years the Utterly Butterly girl has managed to keep her fan following intact. The brand name “Amul”, comes from the Sanskrit word “Amoolya,” (meaning precious).  Amul is the largest food brand in India and world’s Largest Pouched Milk Brand with an annual turnover of US $1050 million (2006–07). Currently Unions making up GCMMF have 2.8 million producer members with milk collection average of 10.16 million litres per day. Besides India, Amul has entered overseas markets such as Mauritius, UAE, USA, Bangladesh, Australia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and a few South African countries. Its bid to enter Japanese market in 1994 did not succeed, but now it has fresh plans entering the Japanese markets. Other potential markets being considered include Sri Lanka. I am unable to come out with a brand name in butter category apart from Amul. Recently in Britain they have named a brand of butter, ‘Utterly Butterly’.

This brand is known for their cheeky advertisement which amuses people by making them aware of what is happening around them. It is one of the longest campaigns carried out for a brand. I am not able to neither ideate nor have come across a better campaign for butter. What a brilliant campaign it is, i am signing off with few questions buzzing my brain!

  • Brands create campaign or campaign creates Brands?
  • What do you think should be the reason behind the success of Brand AMUL?
  • Given a chance to replace the girl, what can you come up with?

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  2. Jasmine says:

    Truly, Enduring !! Brands and campaigns r responsible for creation of a BRAND. Amul to succeed is only because it is a simple brand, and communicates to the customers in their own language. I will replace the girl with the same GIRL. I should say the authors thoughts are inspiring. With your blog u have made me to study more about brands. I use it in all my presentations. BLOG MORE OFTEN.

  3. Sanjay.v.k says:

    Superb !! I never had known so much about them…

    For the question of character replace, the first thing that comes to my mind is 2 kids like that of ‘Hum-Tum’ movie…

    The characters can have a humour conversation between them like a funny comment or something, instead of that girl alone being in the centre of all…

  4. Sangeethaa says:

    It is the CAMPAIGN which establish the brand in the minds of the consumer….

    Amul is known for its taste,,,,,,,and its marketing strategy…

    As amul is a milk brand…instead of utterly butterly girl i will replace a cat !!!!!!!!!!

  5. sam sudhakar d says:

    CAMPAIGN is to impress brand identity upon potential customers..

    Amul is not only known for its taste and also known for its quality,packing and acheviements in the market……

    instead of that girl i would like to replace a cute kid….

  6. jaishwar.s says:

    1. CAMPAIGN creates brand.

    2. The label which had never changed by AMUL. and its QUALITY.

    3. it can be replaced as LORD KRISHNA HAVING A CHEESE CUBE FROM THE POT……………

  7. keerthi says:

    For an entry level product in the market campaign is one of the wonderful advertising because it makes products quality features to the consumers…..

    But for the branded products campaign is not needed….

    Amul is basically a milk product it needs too hygienic, purity and first it is hitted on the house wife as their main target consumers.The amul taste and quality made them to become more famous..

    more over amul products are less in cost..
    this itself shows they are targeted on middle class consumers…

    Its marketing strategy target is the middle class people…
    when its advertised first…

    children is good choice for add.Because kid likes milk and cat likes milk. when kid is having amul in hands. the cat is trying to catch it..

    so, girl with cat (or) cow

  8. SHWARANYA says:

    Ofcourse ” AMUL” an enduring brand…..Quite interesting to know more about AMUL… The Taste of India..

    For the first question I would reply that it is the campaign that creates the brand. According to me it is the marketing strategy of the firm that creates BRAND in the minds of the consumers.

    AMUL is successfull till now for past 30 odd years because there exists no equal competitors to AMUL to break the brand…

    If i get a chance to replace the girl I would replace that girl with the same UTTERLY BUTTERLY girl…

  9. mansoor says:

    1. campaign creates Brands.

    2. Amul has been successful because of….
    a) effecient distribution network in India.
    b) introduces so many new product in the market like chocolate, ice cream,
    c) advertisement based on current events and it is updated freaquenly.

    3) it can be replaced with something like zo zoo, wich introduced by vodafone…..

  10. Ajmal says:

    As of for the first question the campaign should be placed at the right place of a brand or else it does not feel right.

    In the case of AMUL it has used a strategy so beautiful that an average Indian gets updated by just passing over a hoarding of the fore said brand and every Indian uses this brand once in his life and the classes does not differ. The success of this brand i think is because it is an age old brand and there was not much of a choice in the same category. They were full flourished in marketing it.

    I my perception the girl placed all over AMUL is just a symbol of its purity and at the end of the day every Indian uses an AMUL product and doesn’t care whether the girl is there or not, but the name AMUL is a big factor.
    i can’t think of another character replacing the AMUL baby, but if given a chance i will add characters starting with her younger brother………

  11. Rasika says:

    According to me campaign creates brand….And i think the success of amul is just because of its quality & taste…and also there are no equal competitors for them…Then coming to the replacement of the girl, my choice would be a “KID”…

  12. Akhil says:

    Its without a doubt that campaign is the one which creates a brand..and the reason behind the success of AMUL is of many things such as its quality products and also its upto date hoardings being put up…it can possibly create a big impression about the products of amul in the minds of the consumers…
    I strongly believe that a majority of people will go for a THINK when asked to buy a product (for eg:a butter) which is not from amul…actually that is the point of success of amul.

    If given a chance to replace that girl i might choose a cow as it is related to milk products..

  13. subasurya says:

    Its the campaign thet creates brand….

    AMUL butter succeeds mainly bcz for its freshness and richness…

    Would enact ‘TOM & JERRY’ replacing the girl…….

  14. Rahul damodaran says:

    I think campaign creates a brand identity in minds of it creates a brand.

    “AMUL ” is one of the first kind of organisation in India to market branded milk products and have been a success because of huge demand for milk and milk products in India,they were also able to deliver wide range of quality products to the customers.This factors made them one of the reliable brand in India..

    and if given a chance to replace the girl i would like use some animated characters………

  15. Sonu Pious says:

    I think campaign creates brands. Only through effective campaigning brand can be positioned in the market and in the customers mind…..

    One reason I think the products succeeds is that Amul produces products which is needed by common man daily.Along with marketing strategy.

    That girl can be replaced only with that girl.

  16. GAUTHAM RANJIT says:

    1. Today’s markets are overcrowded with millions of brands and most of which remain unheard to the common mans ears. What is it that makes a brand familiar, what gives a better recollect, or basically what is it that makes a brand a success? It’s nothing but the right marketing strategy and the right campaigns. So it’s the campaign that gives the brand an identity.

    2. There is no doubt that Amul is one of the most successful brands in the milk products sector. Apart from the best marketing strategy, Amul is equipped with the best in class supply chain management and distribution channel. Amul in its initial years adopted a low-cost price strategy to make its products affordable and attractive to consumers by guaranteeing them value for money. The umbrella branding strategy is a major positive factor that contributes to the success of the Amul Brand.

    3. Like the way the Ponds woman has gracefully aged over the years, it’s high time that the Amul girl also grows into a young girl. Amul can probably concentrate on the health benefits of butter. Butter commonly associated with weight gain also can form a useful role in dieting by providing satiety. A small amount added to low fat foods such as vegetables may stave off feelings of hunger. Hence focusing on the health and dieting aspects, Amul can better leverage itself.

  17. Rohit Mundayad says:

    1. It is nothing but the right campaign or rather the right marketing and advertising that makes a brand stand out from the hundreds or thousands of others. Thus a good campaign is the pillar of success of a success of a successful brand. Hence, campaigns create brands.

    2. Despite competition in the high value dairy product segments from firms such as Hindustan Lever, Nestle and Britannia the product mix and the sequence in which Amul introduces its products is consistent with the core philosophy of providing milk at a basic, affordable price. The credibility that the brand has developed over the years is phenomenal and a reason as to why the brand has become a common household name today. Apart from this the White Revolution heralded by Amul under the leadership of Dr Verghese Kurien boosted India’s milk production and also build the brand better.

    3. There is a majority of people who still have a fear of having butter and this is an untapped market for a company like brand. When changing the Amul girl, they have to ensure that they also can attract a new market along with the existing market and this is by focusing on the health of the individual. Often the phrase, “in the pink of health” is used and hence Amul could go ahead with a “Pink Heart” and talk about the benefits of a regular dose of limited butter.

  18. Atul Prem says:

    oh yes….campaigns do create brands….i m sure many would not have still forgotten the “dhoodh dhoodh wonderfull dhoodh…piyo glassfull..”
    No doubt that quality has been the mainstay behind Amul’s long running success..
    And if at all required to replace the Amul girl, wont a fingerlicking,butter eating fat li’l boy be a good option…!!!??

  19. Dayala.P.U says:

    1.I think equal participation of both brands and campaigns can lead to success. 2.As far as am concerned Amul has become a great success because they have tried to stick on to the objective of producing good quality products.The wide range of products offered by them and also the advertising strategy that they have adopted has influenced the consumers a lot. 3.If am given a chance to change the character,i would prefer a cartoonic cow having hair style similar to the ‘utterly butterly’.

  20. Vijayadharshini.E says:

    campaigns are the only source which makes the brand familiar to the customer, it is the one which creates the brand…….

    the success of brand amul is its taste, quality and it has a good distribution channel……..

    as amul is a milk product, i will replace the girl with a cow………..

  21. AJITH VARGHESE says:

    1.The right campaigning and the proper marketing strategy helps the brand to get its that the consumers will be aware of the products.

    2.Amul has become the successful brands in the milk sector as such that its well known for its taste and quality products.

    3.If suppose i have a given a chance to change the character,i would use cow as its related to milk products.

  22. SANDYA.P.S says:

    I agree with both the statements.sometimes brand itself will be enough to create a campaign.
    But in case of some products, advertising campaigns helps to make the brand more popular.

    As we all know Amul is a very famous brand. Its a very old one, but still it has its own uniqueness and i think the success of the brand is this uniqueness. Even now their add campaigns are based on current events and in that sense they are rising awareness among the people. Even though Amul is known for its quality, it is highly popular in India mainly because of its add campaigns &its market strategies. The Utterly Butterly girl has captured the hearts of millions for generations.

    I dont think I can find a substitute for the “Utterly Butterly Girl”.

    Yeah, its always UTTERLY BUTTERLY DELICIOUS…….

  23. jameela ca says:

    1. I can surely say that Proper Campaigning develops brands and make a spark in the minds. Amul always tried to catch the attention of people through simple advertisements.

    2. Amul now has become the symbol of purity. It is the market leader in milk products for more than 30 years which no other brands could do. The reasons behind its success may be the quality products they are offering to its customers.

    3. I can’t even think of replacing that utterly butterly girl. That utterly butterly girl character has also played a main role in its success.

  24. saranya says:

    According to me campaign create brand because attract the consumer through campaign.

    I think sucess of the amul is quality and statisfy the consumer needs. if i have chance replace the girl my choice is kids .

  25. dhanapriya says:

    1. I think campaign only creates a brand.
    2.amul is sucess brand til now because of there taste,quality, and packing.
    instead of that girl i would like to replace a bubbly cute kid or cat.

  26. WP Themes says:

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  27. Hmm… even this happens…

  28. Vivek G Nair says:

    In the present day world markets are very much sufficient with brands, but unlike the present there was a deficit of brands in the past, so in this case what comes striking is that the branding strategy they are followed these years is superb. they have not changed their mascot over 30 years and also they have made sure that their quality is not deteriorating…
    It’s nothing but the right marketing strategy and the right campaigns that gives the brand an identity.

    If i would have to replace the utterly butterly girl then i would replace her with “LORD KRISHNA”….
    it is because in Hindu mythology lord Krishna likes butter very much…

  29. Harshad .B nambiar says:

    3.Lord Krishna can replace that girl…

    but the simpler the add is the better it would reach others and there would be more room for improvisation…..a small cartoon of an round head and stick-like body could be improved with lots of additions and would still remain fresh on even small improvements…I think that zoo zoos are big hit due to its simplicity…..and compatibility for every new offer it gives….just like Amul’s utterly butterly girl….

    1.Campaigns support Brands at the initial stage with out which there won;t be anything called brand….we came to know “amul” from its campaign……after a while …the name is all it takes….but in today’s world…campaign has become mandatory to be in customer’s preference…

    2.quality and innovation…..

  30. Harshad .B nambiar says:

    well for the first question….as your website suggests…..the answer is …..Brand think….Marketing does…….so Campaigns do……while Brands just think….

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