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Flash Mob

When was the last time you saw a relay race or at least a marathon or a wild forest fire …I got up on 8th January and happened to see a relay race with colors !! If u want me to be precise, i logged on to my face book and when i was updating my status on face book, i came across a profile of a friend of mine, whose status had just a word – Black, i thought that’s her favorite color. I moved on to surf and engage myself on digital fidling , few minutes latter i came across few more colors, i thought they would have taken a color test on face book and moved on. In the evening when i was back on face book, i was puzzled to see the RED, Black,Pink,Purple,Beige, Red, Nothing, White colors on their status. Oops, i figured it out – it is mostly women/girls who have these color on their status and interestingly very few men also had !! . I went on to the walking encyclopedia and my best buddy Alvin Saldanhas status , as expected i had the Mystery solved. His Status was as follows…

Alvin Saldanha : I spent an entire day mystified at the one word colours appearing on Facebook. Then a particularly pretty friend explained. And I know a amazing amount of very fetching women. Illuminated, I revisited every single ‘colour’ post. Then I got faint. Why is it that women who wouldn’t dream of telling me their bra color wer…e willing to tell it to the entire damn 200 million strong Facebook community? Where is the justice?
January 8 at 8:11pm •

My..My..All these colorful status updates i saw which was all over facebook were about the color of Brassiere women wore on that day ! ? There were comments, like,fans for these updates. But interestingly no one elucidated why men had colors on their status…!! Have they also started wearing one like the face cream, facial !!


I am thrilled to first do a research on the colors and beige seems to be first followed by black and followed by pink. Few wild ones had RED and elegant ones had Violet i guess.But not too many preferred White.Apart from the research let us move on to the terminus a quo. Where did all these start off ! WHAT COLOR IS YOUR BRA? Campaign remains a mystery..!!!

Few weeks back a chain email was circulated in the face book which had the following lines.

“Some fun is going on…. just write the color of your bra in your status. Just the color, nothing else. It will be neat to see if this will spread the wings of breast cancer awareness. It will be fun to see how long it takes before people wonder why all the girls have a color in their status…. “

Boy..this seems to be the most interesting viral campaigns carried out.This is a crusade aiming at the status updates of the face book users. This campaign just made me to realize the Power of the Social Net working Sites. This seems to be the medium of tomorrow. This medium is making the world to do what ever it wants.
But i have a question still remain unsolved. Women flashed the colors of their lingerie, with just a small message from some where… But no one said a word about Breast Cancer. This color campaign was like a wild fire on face book..Did we miss the target by just scanning through the colors.

I hope soon there will be a campaign for Men, what color of Brief do you wear ? and i can do a freewheeling on the wildest campaigns on which we can run on Viral under the pretext of AIDS, Cancer, Heart Attack. But we should hit the Target. I remember the best public awareness Campaign in India during 2003 by Lowe lintas. A brilliant campaign Balbeer Pasha ko AIDS Hogo kya!! ( Will Balbeer Pasha get Aids.) !!

Share your views on this campaign !!

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  1. anula says:

    I agree that the campaign did little good to the cause it was targeted at. But the campaign let me observe a very interesting shift in the way we think and act when we hear or see bras!!
    I have lost how many times i’ve been alerted by my male/female friends about my bra that stares out of my tops (special thanks to the wide necked salwars and kurthis i used to wear to college).
    But on Jan 8 I get a message from these same friends asking me to post the colour of my bra, and yes i did, my modest black!
    And if Alvin fainted reading the colour, I fainted reading the comments (of course from men) on public profiles. 😛 [A peek into my profile comment: I said: @aj @hari i dunno how it will help the cause.. but dont tell u guys didnt have fun 😉 and to this arun replied: ha yes.. like you just look at any girl and say “I know” ;)] *I did faint*
    I feel gone are the days when bra was considered something to hushed about among the females and males acting as if bras dont exist in their dictionary (when they speak to their fair friends)

  2. Sunil says:

    Every one remembered the BRA color and no one remembered Breast Cancer. Ram great blog ! You connect every damn thing to marketing. Your lecture at Portland university reminds me of the passion you have towards what you do. Great posts Ram, Mate see you soon in New York.

  3. Alvin Saldanha says:

    If the brief (no pun intended) was to draw attention to the Breast Cancer Awareness Week, I think the device worked.

  4. varsha says:

    Wat an Idea…Face book is used to prove that all of us have become shameless. But a wonderful idea…GEE.

  5. Steeply. I will add [blog] in that selected and to friends to [posovetu]. Await the new readers:)

  6. Yes… The discussed theme is in reality close to me! Even sadly somehow

  7. Ozerov says:

    Now became all clearly, the many thanks for the explanation.

  8. Naseeb says:

    ya de colours did confuse in de beginin for many ppl.,,.,.especially for de guys.,,.de gals are also not bad in commentin de colours.,.nice article sir.,..,,.

  9. Steffy says:


  10. Sanjay vk says:

    I was too perplexed in the beginning to see the color status in most of the profiles…then i had to search in Google to know what it was…initially even i was confused,how it can create awareness among people. But as said above,it was like a wildfire that spread like anything among face book users regarding this social issue…Social media marketing can do anything and everything at a fast pace,no doubt in it.and I don’t think any marketing intention was there behind this.

  11. mersedes says:

    This is – unexpected contingency!

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