Published on November 6th, 2017 | by drkkr



Yesterday : A call came from an unknown number and asked for my name, then went ahead and asked if I know a person called Rajkumar. I told yes but may I know why are you asking this.
He said I have found a wallet fully loaded ( cash, credit, debit cards and only a business card of mine). I shared the number of Dr Rajkumar and this guy thanked and called him and handed over his wallet. In a world where some known people who get money purely on friendship and trust don’t return the money, Just amazed by an unknown soul who finds a wallet unattended, takes the effort to track down and reach out to the owner of the wallet and returns it. Awestruck to come across some one like this, let the gentleman be blessed with abundance of happiness for his honesty and efforts. This world and this country needs people like this. #COIMBATORE

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