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LOVE YOU Sachin Tendulkar

Twenty three years…..!! Heck, it is a long period, very long period. Cricket is a religion in India and the world knows how Sachin Tendulkar is worshipped. I grew up watching him play cricket and tried to imitate his attitude not just in the field (Oh God! how many times i have walked in to a cricket ground thinking me like sachin.. and would not have scored the runs he would have scored even when he was out of form) but off the field also. A down to earth cricketer who is a learner all the time. To him, Leadership is Action and not Position.  Sachin Tendulkar played his debut for India on November 15th 1989 against Pakistan in Karachi under the captaincy of Krish Srikanth  when Rajiv Gandhi was the prime minister.

Politics, Inflation rate, Currency Value, Gold Value,  Infrastructure, Policies, Education, Media, Per capita income, Standard of living, Behaviour, Beliefs, Strategy, Trust, Leaders, Film stars,  Population, International Relationship, Countries , Sports, Captains, Bowlers,Formats, Rules, Brands,Corporates, Medical facilities, Money, Comfort,Crime,Relationships, Technology,Cricket, Cars, Trends,Tastes, Airlines,Television, Villages, Cities, Families  every every thing has changed not just in India rather in this entire world.  Some one rightly said, “ There is Nothing permanent except Change”.

His first century came at old Trafford against England in 1990 where he scored an unbeaten 119 and his first one day century came against Australia in Colombo in 1994 where he scored 110 and his century of centuries after 22 years (2012) in Mirpur against Bangladesh where he scored 114. The one thing that has not changed in this world between 15th November 1989 – till date is Sachin Tenduklar’s Passion, Performance , Fitness and Longevity.   His hunger and focus on cricket has not changed, immense control of mind seems to be a interesting attribute to his success. What an incredible Journey, Sachin is born to BAT and to make Indian CRICKET  reach greater heights. Sachin is a child prodigy who turned in to a Legend.

Inspite of every bowler , every country, every team discussed, strategic plan of players and critics  to get his wicket and him in the last twenty three years, inspite of all those… Tendulkar has scored an avalanche of runs, in every form of Cricket.    But it has not only been about runs. Along the way Tendulkar has provided an unsurpassed blend of the sublime and the precise. Sachin Scored against every team and in every country.

Tendulkar ever stooped to dullness or cynicism. He treated his opponents extremly harsh on the ground and had a wonderful relationship off the ground.

He is truly the icon of World Cricket and Pride of India. Never ever in world cricket we will come across any one scoring Century of Centuries.

Sachin Tendulkar : Thank You and God Bless you for being the human being you are. You are a inspiration to us all.

Thank You and God Bless You for being such a thrilling, exciting and worthy Cricketer. You make every single one         of the 1 billion 300 million Indians proud.

Thank You and God Bless You for being such a exemplary Cricketer, Sportsmen and professional. It is a irreplaceable blessing to know you in our lifetime.


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  1. sundeep.p says:

    you will fall,you may fail ,even it may hurt you but dont back out,from what you do.Thats what he showed us through his life.

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