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Luxury Brand

In a world when wifi , mobile and apps seems to be in vogue and the pace of life is becoming ever faster, we need something to give us back our time.Traveling,swimming,jogging,photos,music,reading and writing are those beautiful small little things that make our life sweeter.

I write a lot these days and I like pens and gadgets. Today I write about  gadgets on gadgets. Brands make our lives. I recently got a writing instrument which is supposed to be a world class writing instrument, but I am using it like a liquid gold, yeah handling it as if it is the most precious thing to me. Every nib of this brand is crafted and polished by hand.One can choose eight different nib widths to find the one that matches your writing style,allowing your writing to flow effortlessly. This brand of writing instrument has got various options like Fountain pen, Ball point pen,Roller ball-fine liner,Document marker and Mechanical pencil. The material is characterized by scratch resistant. This Meisterstuck writing instrument is the best brand in their category since 1908. The best feature of the brand is it’s logo.   The white stylized six-pointed star with rounded edges in the logo was inspired by the snow-capped peak of France’s biggest mountain Mont Blanc. The number ‘4810’, the mountain’s height in meters, is also a commonly recurring theme in Mont Blanc’s branding and products.

Mont Blanc

Montblanc International GmbH is a German manufacturer of writing instruments, watches and accessories, often identified by their “White Star” logo. I wrote this blog with a Montblanc pen only to experience the feel of writing with a Montblanc.

Do people buy a Montblanc pen for the White star or for the writing experience. ? Share your views on this luxury brand people flaunt about

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2 Responses to Luxury Brand

  1. True. Absolutely true.

    Someday, I’m going to buy myself a Mont Blanc fountain pen.

    I’ve already purchased the ink! Rs 500 per bottle!

  2. Vivek thanghavel says:

    Why buy a mont blanc? Parker?Waterman? Cross? visc0nti? when a simple CELLO GRIP or REYNOLDS or any other ordinary 5 rupee pens will do?
    Ans is :just because you like(d) it. 🙂
    so i say only for the heck of the brand value MB has and for the sake of exclamation of surprise, wonder, and pleasure ,people would go for such a high priced DEVICE which is used to APPLY INK to a SURFACE 🙂

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