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To meet, to know, to love,to move around and then to part is the sad tale of human life. If we like to jog back on our memory lane..all of us refreshingly remember the most admired celebrity of all time. All of us who live in India universally love this celebrity who was on all those huge hoardings to which ever city we went, this celebrities face was celebrated in all the news papers and the celebrity came to all our houses 100 times every day through all the channels…i am blogging about the most celebrated celebrity of our times..the celebrity whom we miss today.

“Where ever you go,i follow” The celebrity who endorsed a brand called HUTCH.On the other day when my three year old son asked me why the pug is not coming home !! i got astonished and he went on goading me to bring the pug to appear in our television..(as if i own all the television channels) only then did i realize how few things in life leave a lasting impression on us. The pug had left a vacuum in us and the moment i saw a pug in Taiwan(when i had been there to deliver a key note address at the inaugural of an International conference) the pug resembled like the Hutch brand endorser..i went behind the pug to click so many pictures in my digital camera and even was trying to pose a snap with the PUG to the utter amusement and shock of many of my Taiwanese students and professors (particularly Dr Herrera and Chan )who were clueless about the way i was reacting seeing the PUG.The moment i saw the pug i got those scintillating background music and the very well crafted lyrics and my brain was also treating me virtually the boy and the pug.

My friends from Taiwan jokingly commented that if i ever met Jacki Chan how i would react and i shot back saying that i have met him before and of course i reacted but for sure not the same way,cause the pug was close to my heart and is an iconic symbol for all of us for a good number of years in India and i happened to narrate the BRAND PUG story and its association with not just HUTCH but also with all of us in INDIA,little they knew about the fact that even a PIL was registered against the company for making the PUG to run around for shooting the advertisement.

This pug withstood so many years with a promise of following us where ever we were(in spite of the network being so bad with hutch, still we loved the pug and the jingles GREEN GRASS,BLUE SKY in the beautiful world)….the brand changed its colour from orange to pink and finally to RED(Vodofone) and in due course the PUG got dumped, but for sure not from our heart.I think the pug is the most celebrated brand endorser in India,in spite of not coming from a filmy background nor was into cricket..Hey, i am not sure the dog created the brand or the brand created the dog!!,if u know please share your thoughts by commenting ….Before i get neck deep in to nostalgia let me sign off only to come back soon.This was the picture of my favourite celebrity i took at taiwan…

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  1. Afthab says:

    Dr.Ram, Sweet of you to remember, i think it is your favorite phrase”FEW THINGS IN LIFE LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION..” Like the pug this blog of yours is a cute one..

  2. suchitra says:

    1st of all its amazing how u when after a dog to click pics.:) 2ndly dis i wud say is one of ur most heart felt blogs, knowing tat ppl still care abt things like this,to take time out and blog,is amazimg!!!the pug got so popular bcos it made an instant connection wid all the age groups and,evn the ones who did not like dogs so much. coming to the question of whethr the dog created the brand or if its otherwise, its definately both ways,bcos ppl still refer to it as the “hutch dog”.i jus hope tat no other brand tries to do the same with a cat or anyother animal.. god save them!!!

  3. Amreeta says:

    The pug had not only made it big for Hutch but created place for itself in every heart who watched it and as i was reading your blog could remember only one thing “You n I in this beautiful world”

  4. anjana says:

    It certainly is the most famous brand endorser…most of used to wait for the commercial..amazing one sir..we definitely miss the pug

  5. drkkr says: the pug story seems to have an impact on many of you..i never knew all of you read the blog…mmmm , do post your comment or thought . We learn when we share.i am blogging my thoughts only to learn..

  6. lakshman says:

    its sad that the pug has been replaced..i loved the dog a lot.. but all the same i love most of the Vodafone commercials..esp the current genre of the little white creatures…its fun watching those new commercials.. sir why don’t u do case study on Vodafone being a successful brand in India despite not adding anything Indian to their branding promos..and what do u feel about the new commercials?

  7. Sayuj says:

    i guess the new ad series of vodafone are also too good.. the Zoozoos are funny..!! n they interestingly portray the value added services… but whatever said n done nothing cal replace the “you n i..” song and the cute little PUG n the kid… we all miss the PUG..!!

  8. DR says:

    True..very true..!!!

  9. Santosh says:

    This was a stunning and simple blog of yours,u seem to pick on amazing topics.3 cheers..

  10. Director says:

    That was such a sweet article, sir. Sadly, nothing can match this little doggy; the Zoozoos are nowhere near. We all really do miss the good old HUTCH Campaign! And I feel, this cute little doggy has created the brand, and not the other way around…haha!! 🙂

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  13. Ejaz Bava says:

    One word “CUTE!!” , the commercial which had made a place in each hearts of India, precisely an adorable memorized history of an Indian product!! and sir, the way you’d moisturized the whole reminisced content, simply felicitous and blissful!!!Being writing as one of my dreams, you are my motivation!!

  14. .Nice post sir.. 🙂 even am a die hard fan of pugs!! i have a big poster of it in my room, back home (kerala). Even i miss it.

    The real reason why Vodafone stopped PUG Ads is because, the 1st pug which acted in Hutch and initial Vodafone Ads died.. and later Vodafone hired a different pug..

    And finally they felt hard to train that pug as of how they were comfortable with the old one. So on Nirvana Films went on with different concepts.

    But it isn’t a stop to Vodafone Pug Ad series.. And so even they have stopped Zoozoo Ads for time being.. They have classified these two into seasonal Ads. (for example – Zoozoo Ads can be seen during the IPL Season).

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